May 21, 2009

The Divine Intervention

Samir had a break up again! It happens all the time.But this time it seems like it was not 31 or 41...but she was the one. He came back to Orangee's place.

Shania: Samir! did u try calling her?

Samir: No,I tried calling her up..But it seems she has changed her number!

: ooooh bad luck! so what are you going to do abt it?

: I dont know! I am waiting for divine intervention. He has to send some sort of message!

Orangee: Hey fellow Comrade,U are back and u look as single as ever.Welcome back to the league of extraordinary singles.

Samir: i am not single yet!!!

Orangee: i have a feeling that u are almost a single.

Spiky was busy hunting the fridge for food.He didnt find anything interesting,he came back to the hall.He was amused to see Samir.

Spiky: I have her new number.Do u wanna have a talk?

Samir(with a feeling of jealousy) : And may I have the pleasure to know how did u get that.

Spiky: well she gave me when we went to have Coffee at CCD.

Samir:Coffee? how can u have coffee with my GF?

Spiky: Well, It was tough! I was not in a mood to say yes for that.But then the movie wasnt that good and it was hot and CCD was so near.So I had to say yes to her.

Samir(gets angry):Movie?? U went for a movie with her?? How can u do this to me?

Spiky: relax buddy,Well we didnt have the Salsa class today .So we had a lots of time to kill,besides we never watched Gadar-ek prem katha movie together.So we decided to go for it.

Samir( with disbelief): You went for Salsa with her?I cant believe that!!

Spiky: Ok dont believe what i say.But aleast you can believe this fees reciept!!

Samir: oh my god!! what I have been doing so many days.I had no idea what was happening around me.

Spiky: yes thats true!

Orangee: I have her new number too...

Samir turns back with his iconic expression of disbelief.

Samir: And what all activities you were involved with her?

Orangee: ooh! Me?? come on now! She sent me a SMS abt her new number.

Shania was confused with all the new unfoldings..

Shania: guys! Whats happening here?

Samir : Yes i wanna know that too!

Spiky : You are foolish guy! She's not the one. She's jsut number 41 or some other random number.End of story! bye bye!!

Shania(smilies): Now i think this is what you call divine intervention! Your friend dating yr girlfriend behind yr back and announcing it loud on yr face!

Samir looked confused, Scratched his head in his characteristic manner.He went and sat near the couch.Punched the landline phone with his right hand,as a result the reciever flew towards his left ear and his let hand grabbed it with precision just when it started to have a downward trajectory.He was too good at this. Even when he was at the verge of breakups.

Samir: whats her number??Whats her new number?? I want an explanation!!!I cant let piky have her.She's mine

Orangee and Spiky(chorus) : 9841021687

Samir : Hmmm Aircel number right?

Spiky: yup! You are 100% right buddy!

Samir looked up at the ceiling and then down.He glanced at Shania and the kept the reciever down.

Shania: what happened? You are not gonna call or what?

Samir: No! i am not gonna call now!

Chorus: But why???

Samir : bcoz I have realized the Divine Intervention.

Shania: what divine intervention?? Moments ago u refused to belive that theory?

Samir: Foolish Girl!! U ll never grow up!! Dont you realize that its an Aircel Number?

Shania: So what? Whats that gonna do with divine intervention?

Samir: Do u watch TV?

Shania: yes i do?

Samir : havent u seen Aircel's new Dhoni walla Ad?

Shania: Yes i have,But.....

Samir: It says at the end "Its time to move on"So thats god'd message for me.She could have had airtel's connection " kabhi pyar ke beech doori na aaye" but no its Aircel.. thats divine intervention.


Samir: Listen Shania! It been a pleasure to have you here.But now i think its time for u to move on from this place. drop me at the signal, i have some shopping to do..Orangee check the freezer for ice.I ll bring the stuffs.Spiky you take out the glasses.
we have it again.

Shania:but!!! but!!!!

Chorus:Come on!!! you are interuppting....

The end...ooops..... The beginning (yet again)


  1. Awesomeeee! was in splits readin dis one! luvd it! :)

  2. u know it was really nice !! more than LoL, it was about life movin on !!!

  3. lol that was unfair.. hug for Shania.. hhhaaaahha funny!!!


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