May 9, 2009

Woman...... The Price you pay for!!!

The scream tore through the darkness,

Stopped me in my tracks,

I froze to the deafening silence.

Silhouettes of men against the foggy night

Scrambling for life,

They vanished out of sight

A frame slithered

My heart twitched

Amidst bitter sobbing

Someone shrieked,
“Help me..”

I slashed through the thick bush

My mind totally numb

I felt the blood rush

I tried not to succumb

Shreds of clothes strewn around,

Wriggled on the ground

Was a woman – naked.....

Wrapped in muck and blood,

Her hands bound with cord..

Her eyes devoid of expression

Her face starved of emotions

Her body writhed in pain,

She was floating in unknown terrain..

She was preyed upon

By ruthless scavengers called men,

Every inch of her body, clawed at

By those hungry vultures

She must have tried hard,

To stave off those beasts

As they raped her again and again..

Every breath of hers

Must have pleaded mercy

But she was ripped apart

With that male thrust..

A scar on her womanhood,

Soul devastated beyond repair

Dreams shattered,

Dignity snatched

She is reduced to nothing,

But a log of wood..

P.S: This is a write which I have been wanting to share here.. Cross posted from my blog..


  1. very touchy...brings the true picture...
    Wont say much...I'm touched...

  2. @ freelancer,

    :).. Words would still fall short to describe the pain a woman in such situation goes through.. :(

  3. hmmm...harsh reality brought to light by some strong words! brilliant work! :)

  4. @ Mav,

    Feels good, those words coming from you!!

  5. OMG! That was raw! Damn you are so imaginative!

  6. @ Ms. R,

    Had been wanting to write on this topic for long.. Very crude, but a reality.. Pray for those who have been through it...

  7. I so totally understand and empathize. Going thru it :)

  8. touching.. hurting,, hardhitting.. but unfortunately a reality of a lot of women in the world.... :(

  9. ashamed at times to see humans turn into creatures worse than anilams :(


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