May 20, 2009

An hour left

I look up unto heavens,
and see a metal bird flying up there,
And I wonder, if you are in there.
As it goes, I start to cry,
and pray that you'd hear me say,

I will miss you much,
but wherever you are, I hope you're happy,
and often think of me.
I know I got to let you go,
so our love can eternally grow.

Then I hear someone behind me.
Moving swiftly, moving tenderly,
singing softly, singing sweetly.
She lays her hand on me,
and then starts to say.

I have got an hour left,
And I'll spend it with no one but you;
Think of me, and I'll be with you.
I will miss you too,
much more than you'll ever know.


  1. Didn't get it at first...
    read it again...
    Lovely write ...

    PS- hmmm...need to get a good nick name for u...Posh??? Dave?? :-)

  2. Poshin !! this was sweetly painful !! hey .. r ur results out dude ?

  3. Very Sweet Posh!!

    Like your name commonly different, if that makes sense to you.. :D

  4. read it twice to get it.. beatifully painful..

  5. sad sad sad :(

    but then thats what this day is meant for!

  6. @Arun,

    Thanks mate and Posh is already a nickname of mine....I have to tell ppl. I'm not Vic.


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