May 17, 2009

The intro game

Hi Family,

Great to know all who have posted their intro till now. More orangeeeeeee, tan, princess nuchu, vasu, mav......pleasure knowing you...and seeing some of you as well.....

Well.......lets play the intro game. Apart from the normal introduction that you guys have to post in the comments section, let's indulge in some ice breaking session here. So, what is the intro game all about? Let me demystify it for all of you here.

To ensure that you know all active members here who have posted their introduction in the post, we have come out with a wicked way to ensure that from tomorrow there will be no strangers amongst us. All you have to do is comment "Present" in the comments section here. So if I am the first one to write in the comments section, the one who comments after me has to first go through my introduction that I have posted in the comments section of "Know your family@lounge" and write the two best things you found in his/her intro. Also, end the comment with a handshake/roses/heart/stick and then hug ;-)

Lets have a fun sunday. For those who still have doubts of what to do please go through the example below:

Comments box:

I am starting it off. So I have no one to write on. So I will kick off the process by only posting my name.

Comment 1: Sandeep Balan

Now say Stephen comes in next and sees that he has to read my intro in the post. He opens the comments section of "Know your family @ WL" and searches for my intro out there. After reading he shortlists two best things about me there and comes back and comments right after me

Comment 2:
Sandeep: Your display image is rocking. Plus the name of your blog is as insane as you are. "STICK FOLLOWED BY A HUG"

Now say Arjun comes in next and sees that he has to find out Ste's intro out there in the comments section. He reads it, comes back and comments

Comment 3:
Ste: Your blog name is pretty unlike what you are. What a funny intro bro...was in splits..."STICK FOLLOWED BY MORE STICKS" ;-)

And the chain continues. You may drop in the comments section as many times as you want. There is no limit. Fun does not come with a "*conditions apply" tag. Lets just not post our introductions...lets ensure that we know each other.....let the bond in this wonderful family grow stronger...

Hugssssssss and only hugsssssssssssss....

Sandeep Balan
I blaaaaaaaaaaaaaaag at: yeM Bee yAe


  1. Sandeep Balan

    :-) :-) :-)

    Let the fun begin......Waves the flag :-)

    *god bless*

  2. Hi Sandeep,

    Never really got to know you.. Well got to know about you from Ste.. 2 best things: The fact that you were lucky to do a "Bharath darshan" and your blog name... Eeking of the mallu you are ;)

    Handshake followed handshake.. ;)

  3. hi sheena,

    know u quite well already i think! :D

    ur pic rocks btw! :)

    & also, there is beauty in ur sad works!

    loved it! :D

  4. Hi Vin

    I got 30% in knowin' you quiz :(
    two best things are: King of poetry :) n very warm to talk to..
    Sticks followed by hug !!

  5. Hai hashan..

    I know you(your blog) before i started my blog..

    I like your name.. Hashan and ur blog ofcourse.. funny one!


    Sticks followed by hugs:)

  6. Hey Nuchu...

    hmm....Two things i like
    -->Your name...'Nuchu' very kiddish ...luv it
    -->i also like 'alaipayuthey'...same pinch..

    Sticks followed by hugs.. (?? dunno whats the concept behind sticks,hugs,heart...somebody pls explain)

  7. Hey Arun ,,,

    I first read ur stories in lounge and i was really impressed !! then i even liked ur blog :) thanks for the prompt visit and commentsd on my blog .. I really like talking to u ,,, and glad we finally have a doc on WL !!

    A handshake and hugs :)

  8. Hey Prat Di,
    First read you here in lounge, then chatted with you!
    Then became a learner, your way of telling about the different styles of writing is very beautiful.
    Got loads of encourage ment from you to write and write more:)

    Love and Hugs :)

  9. Hey Rose,

    I first read you right now. I loved your latest post "Prized Possession"

    Roses to you :)


    Sam (

  10. Sam...

    Could not find your intro in the post below...Kindly post your intro on "Know your family members @ WL"

    Hugs and handshakes to you bro


  11. @arun

    sticks followed by hugs is nothing but the equivalent of giving a tight one on your back for your craziness and then hugs :-)

  12. hey sandeep
    wow so i got to speak abt the big B....well i cd say a bit more abt u....since i have even met u :P

    Two things about you......well one is u truly enjoy pulling ur frnd's leg and i know it :P.....and ya ur the Big B of humour and philosophy

    and ya ur blog is something neone will notice in ur intro ...thanks to mallufied english way of MBA :P

    Hugs and hugs

  13. Nabilaaaaaa

    Dr. Nabila...

    Mysterious Nabila...

    Forever in the "laugh" mode nabila...

    Junk food lover nabila...

    Intelligent nabila..

    Researcher nabila...

    The best two things about your intro....the name...and the mystery surrounding the name along with the blue eyes in the dp....and the Ph.D part...has this halo to it :-)

  14. Balan ... i got to talk to this dude looong after joining the lounge .. by then i was already in awe of him !! and he was as good to talk to as i had heard abt him ... Abt ur intro, i loved to know that u roam a lot in the country ... better let me know wen u r in bangalore !!

  15. salutes and bows and a biiig hug to u !!

  16. i love everything about u prats!
    specially the poetry bit
    and the fact that in sep you took the courage to share your work :)

    that moment of decision has changed many people's life .. *hugs* thankie!

    loads of hugs!

  17. posted the intro Sandeep in the Know your WL family :)

  18. he he .. thanks for that Asbah !! :) glad to hear all ur good words :)

  19. hello Sam ... best thing about your intro ?? the fact that u r in INFY too !! and ur first 55 fiction was good ... hope u have fun with ur new blog !1 good luck :)

  20. Hi prats
    best thing in ur intro is that u r a software engineer..same pinch:)

    next best things r ur likings for music, fiction, singing...all similar tastes, hopefully we will form a strong friendship:)
    Handshake n Roses:)


    Heyyyy, best thing what I found out... YOU ARE A DIE HARD FAN OF MANCHESTER UNITED!


    Nice pic by the way... :)

    Handshake and a hug! :)



  22. :D ! i love you artz, because i think you're very amazing in all terms, you have creative ideas! and havent been able to catch up with your last series :( but i hope it be soon!

    write and draw away to glory!


  23. aarthi

    well i dnt knw u well...but i love ur write ups a lot...

    i loved ur honesty...

    n i would love to knw u...

    loads of hus...

  24. @ Asbah,


    You are one perfectionist I have come across! A strong personality! :)

    Love ya so much :)


    @ I, Me & Myself (sorry, dunno your name),

    Would love to know more about you dear :)

  25. Artz : my sweet sis from WL !! m sooo happy and blessed to have you in my life !! best thing abt u ; u r a lerner and a winner too !!

    Love ya !!
    Hugz and more hugz !!

  26. prats
    sweethrt poetess...

    knew her through Sunita Mam...

    her poems are wonderful


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