May 7, 2009

Interview ACED!!!

Pre-script| The following took place when i was called for an interview. We were provided with a few questions on a page about what questions they will ask and given an hour to practice what we will say when our time comes. After 1 hour-

1) Interviewer- So your name's Freelancer, eh???

Me- Very much, sir!

2) Interviewer- Hmm....tell me something about yourself???

Me- umm...I am independent. Quite headstrong. Don't consider myself reckless but yes I am impulsive at times. But it fetches me results. That's how i am.

3) Interviewer- Any particular motto or saying you follow???

Me- There's one quote- "walk with hope in your heart and you will never walk alone"

4) Interviewer- Suppose we select you, what would you bring to this company?

Me- A fresh excited face, brimming with confidence and experiences learnt from life.

5) Interviewer- Apart from your studies, any interests you follow???

Me- I write blogs whenever i get the time. Share my life experiences in there.

6) Interviewer- So you are tech savvy? what else do you do over there? any other co-curricular activities other than the net?

Me- I like networking. I read a lot, jot down limericks and poems, play football....

7) Interviewer- When you rise higher in your ranks what would you want to see in the newcomers????

Me- The eagerness to tackle problems, out-of-the box thinking ability and a smiling face

8) Interviewer- what would you like to tell your friends sitting outside on how to tackle life???

Me- i would say- "always work for making others happy and happiness will follow your way"

9) Interviewer- Speaking of life, tell me about your emotions. Any mood swings, anger control?

Me- I take life as it goes. I live for the moment. Typically a happy-go-lucky guy.

10) Interviewer- So i guess you would want to see your name in the selected list, eh??

Me- Yes sir! Freelancer

[End of interview]

Interviewer- By the way, my boy i don't think you gave it much effort. you had one hour to prepare. I won't say your answers were mediocre but you could have achieved more. I would just give half the marks here.

Me- Sir i did have the time to prepare and i did. What you failed to notice is that the answer for the first question can be found on the first answer as well as the last answer. Similarly for question number 2, answer is in the 2nd as well as the 9th, for question number 3, answer is in 3rd as well as 8th and so on. You would give me half for this try....maybe i could get another half for my other replies too..

P.S- this is a work of not an engineer yet


  1. Wat an awesome write! It started off..well lemme admit.... in a very cliched way....but da answers were very effective nd da ending just left me gaping!!!!!

    U r an awesome addition to the lounge! nd u r gonna rise...mark my words! :)

  2. wow thats a huge expectatin mate...thanx

  3. U rock buddy \m/ ...I love your sense of humour :D

  4. do think a lot before writing ur posts...
    you've got an awesome creativity man...
    love this post n the one with the prof congratulating u very much....

  5. Applause, applauses!!!!!

    Brilliant, dude!!!

  6. @ arun
    thanx buddy...thot of writing something different...this is the result

  7. gr8.....intelligent ans haan.....!!!! ;-)...

  8. omg!
    i was not expecting anythin' like this in this mush...and you said I'm funny??
    Cheers, this is something really great...and though your fictitioua interviewer failed to notice that, I noticed it!
    Was jus nodding my head on the commendable way you anwered I suddenly came across the post script..:)
    You rock buddy...:)
    I'm going to be a great learner, if I continue writing with you :)

  9. lol...dats damn should look for advice from the above guys...i do that

  10. funny fantastic fiction! :D

  11. whoa !!! that was so cool !!


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