May 8, 2009

in Memorium

In the rays of the Sun,
In the sands of time...
I search for you
Leaving everything else behind.

You were my life,
your wealth...
Hard to bring things to normal
your absence will be felt.

The truth is too strange..
the reality unknowing.
The debacle of a perfect life...
is absolutely terrifying.

Hurt, wounded, devastated
both my heart and soul.
I cry to have you back...
like a five-year old.

Thoughts turn to silence,
seconds linger to hours...
Time drags along slowly,
all's quiet like haunted towers.

A chord of anguish quivers,
replacing the usual vibrant noise.
Have to start a new life...
am left with no other choice.

Endless questions yet to be answered,
So much pain yet to meet.
The trauma of losing someone,
how can anyone face it?

What happened shook my world...
Now i have one and only wish.
That you my friend, guide and partner...
May you Rest In Peace.

P.S| in memory of my beloved pet dog and my bestest buddy...Don


  1. Nice one dude..
    Reminded me of Marley & Me.. I cried a lot when marley dies..
    Hmmm nice work..
    May his soul rest in peace !
    Wats his name btw????

  2. Truly heartfelt. Well written :) and may they rest in peace!

  3. Wonderful one! heat touching!

    RIP Don!

  4. Abey ye kya hai?? mera naam kaise spell kiya hai dekh tho ek bar. Agar mai tumhara naam farooolancher spell karungi tho tujhe kaise lagega ?? Tu school gaya hai ki sidha coll jaraha hai?? Mera naam BlossomBlue hai, bottom nai be.. :(

  5. hmm! may he rest in peace...

  6. a truly heart-touchin poem.!may he R.I.P!


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