May 8, 2009

Starting new!

Hello all!

I am Princess Sonshu from Sneek-a-Peek into the mind of a Teenager. Today is one of the happier days of my life. Today i was sent an invite to join The Writers Lounge. I have been reading TWL since a long time and i adore all the writers here. For those of you who dont know me let me introduce myself.

I am Princess Sonshu, an aspiring author and an avid reader. My dream is to get my novel published and i hope to become a best seller. I love to write stories and poems and i like to share them with the world. What better place than TWL? I am here to share my thoughts, poems, stories with the world.

All my stories and poems will be written like a 14 year old and from a teens view but i am sure that you all will admire it! I hope you will.

I want to thank Tan for recommending me and i want to thank Ste for inviting me! How could i forget to thank you! You my readers and all of you who have read till here! My stories and poems will be up soon enough. Hope you'll read them! And hope i am able to reach the top of the ladder.

Im signing off with a quote:
"The starting point of all achievement is desire"- Napolean Hill


  1. Hello! Welcome to WL :) I'm the "film quiz master" of the!

    Nice ending thought :) Looking forward to read your posts.

  2. @Hashan: Thanx and im sure of the fun!

  3. @Bhargav: Oh so ur the film master? Nice! Thankd!

  4. Heyyyy... Welcome to WL...

    Looking forward to read your writes...
    Have fun!!



  5. hey dearie.. So gud to c u here.. N i sure knw hw sweet ur posts are!

    Have fun!

  6. heya sonshuuu!!!

    finally u r here,.....
    lemme introduce with our fellow loungers..

    Asbah,Sandeep - the other co founders of WL
    Priyanka,leo,rashi,kajal - the admins of WL.
    Bharghav - the WL movie quizmaster
    Chirag - WLsports quiz master and agr8 hindi poet...
    Raghav -WL movie critic
    Riversouls-a gr8 poet and the graphic designer of WL.....
    Prats-the initiator of all types of poetry assignments and styles
    Tan,Neha,Mona,Hashan,Anurag,Kings,Nabila,Ashrita,Rohan,Vinisha,Arjun,Vitruvian ,Hina,sweta,akansha...the other senior members of WL..

    Princess Nuchu,Pulkit,Miss R,Apurva-who joined WL family recently....

    last but nt least...
    Insiya-the chotte ustaad of our writers Lounge....

    welcome Sonshu.....hope to read all ur work

  7. that was kool intro ste! Lvd it.. N thx fr being so nyc always!

  8. did i miss sheena, freelancer ,maverick ,saim, pisku

  9. Hey ste! Thanks for that fabulous intro! Im sure happy to be the youngest!

  10. @Aarthi: I will live upto ur expectations!

  11. @Aarthi: I will live upto ur expectations!

  12. Welcome PrincessI would like to tell you and all the new members of The Writers Lounge a few things.

    TWL is the place to be. A Lounge, an adda, a place to hang out. You are the youngest one here and I am sure you will get all the care and nurture that you deserve. I am sure if you stick to TWL. You will find good teachers in Pratibha, Sandeep, Maverick, Chirag, Asbah, Stephen, Vinay and Rashi. These are a few from the lot whose writes I like most and I am sure you will do the same. Everybody here share some attachment with each other and that has kept us bounded. There are people who have joined TWL and have excelled in their writing – take me for an example.

    Write, read and share! Get inspired and inspire others to write more. We stay together and we learn together and we grow together – that what a family does. The WL is always the best place for me to hang out in odd hours, when all my friends leave. I still get a lot here – never felt alone when I am here.
    This is my experience with the Lounge so far. Have a good time – always! Have fun and keep writing!!

  13. @Tan: Thanks so much for that fab welcome! Its nice to hear all of that! Its my pleasure to be here and i will treat all of u like my gurus!

  14. welcome to TWL...its my 3rd day here...hope to bond with you guys

  15. Hi Princess,

    I guess I am one of the late comers here.. Nevertheless now that you have hopped on board, let me also join in and be a part of the grand welcome,

    Hope you have a good stay here, just like i have had for the past 2.5 weeks..

    You get to do 3 things here:
    Express, learn, and have fun...

    So Rock on Dude or shall I say Dudette ;)!!

  16. as ste said...this is a family....
    we have some awesome writers here...from whom we can learn get started

  17. welcome aboard dearie..:) i am looking forward to your writes.. :)

  18. Hey girlie welcome to WL honey.. Lemme introduce myself as Stupid-so-called-solitaryforgot to mention my name, which is makin me damn angry , Any way Myself BlossomBlue. I kinda joined d lounge few days bak.
    Awesome quote at d end btw..
    Keep writing :)

  19. BlossomBlue is Vasudha... isnt it? Well, I got it from the address of your Blog... Hope I am not wrong... I never welcome you to the lounge like a few new members...

    Welcome to the TWL... LEts have some fun writing together :)

  20. @ freelancer,Zendagi Migzara,chirag and blossom blue: thanks so much! i hope to impress all of u! thnx for welcoming!

  21. Ohhh Tan choooooooo chweeeeet of u.. Thanx a lot dear :)
    Sure wil have loads of fun !
    N yes i am vasudha :)

  22. hey princess, welcome to Lounge.
    I saw ur newer post first, so my welcome is more detailed there! :)

    i blv stephen did the intro's! :D

  23. Welcome to the page where you can find happiness:)

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