May 13, 2009


I cling onto the rope of hope,
Hope that you once gave me,
that which now snaps -

with every broken promise,
with every shattered dream,
with that unbroken silence

Our relationship threadbare..
what remains... is a strand -
that which binds the remnants of our past

This snaps.. the love in me will breathe its last!!

P.S: Tried a hand at 55 fiction, guys guide me through...


  1. wow...very appealing poem...that too in 55 words...covered a lot of pain...
    loved it...

  2. Amazing.......touches and stirs one's emotions doesn't it?

  3. And can someone invite me to write in this place.........

  4. ok machi....u know tamil ?? or jus afew words..?

  5. @ Arun,
    Actually m a mallu.. So can understand tamil..

  6. @ Chris,

    You can leave a message at the shoutbox, which you would find currently in the left hand side.. just leave your mail ID and request and the needful would be done..

    Thanks for dropping by my blog :D

  7. dont know about 55 and all but really liked the poem:)

  8. @ Aayushi,

    Hey.. Glad you liked it.. Actually my first try with 55 fiction.. it means a poem/ prose of 55 words only..:)

  9. sheena .. i hope this is ur name .. this is a nice poem !! and i say poem specially coz its not a 55 fiction.. A poem is not fiction !! though basic rules say 55 fiction is limited to 55 words .. but in reality n usage, fiction is a story .. so 55 fiction is a short story .. more accurately its a flash fiction !! i will search some about it more on net and get back !

    ut this overlooked, this was a lovely write .. so poignant !!

  10. @ Prats,
    Ohh.. Well was not aware of that.. Point noted. Next time will try a prose.. But just a thought, can't poem be fiction?? Please resolve this query!!

  11. waaah waah... pain portrayed so beautifully!


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