May 6, 2009

The eternal sleep !!

continuing screamin'
I scream
for the mercy
Hear my cries,Lord don't
abandon me,I'm tired
Grant me!!


  1. How do you come up with all this???

  2. These are cinquains :) syllable count is 2-4-6-8-2 ..was taught by Prats & Tan

    Its very easy..Try it out :D

  3. I don't what they are. Will look them up. But I'm not asking about the style. I'm talking about the... darkness... Ya the darkness

  4. hahaha...I fear the dark :D bt can't ignore it u see..
    wrote them last Sunday but forgot to post.

  5. and ya i was looking for a continuation for screamin'..and come up with the eternal sleep :D

    Looking forward for your attempt on black poetry !!

  6. Hashan... what a call!! I liked the urge in the poet's mind... wonderful..

    However, the syllable count needs to be checked here. I counted and it was like: 2-4-5-7-2

  7. @ Tan
    Thank you Tan for getting me :)

    hey i checked in its giving
    2-4-6-8-2 if i add any 1 syllable words in both the lines,its giving 2-4-7-9-2
    Are you checking in the same site?

  8. yeah, how do ?

    the picture is just so Apt.

    But The Lord loves you :) the miracles will happen soon - inshAllah

  9. how do you get such intense forms of expression!! accept a bow!!

  10. I am not checking any site... I am counting myself re...

    ok listen, moy syllable count tu balak balak kori likhi dim ... tetita tumi nije count koribo pariba... roba...

  11. So I learn one more style of writing - cinquains...

    As for the poem - very very very dark.. Emotions shrunk..


  12. ¶ - Count 1 syllable..

    And¶ for¶go¶tten¶
    In¶ a¶ cold¶ name¶less¶ grave¶,
    If¶ there's¶ a¶ God¶ in¶ hea¶ven¶
    Hear¶ me¶!!
    NOTE: The way you have written, “there’s” is not pronounced as “there is” which will give you one more count.

    I¶ scream¶
    For¶ the¶ mer¶cy¶
    Hear¶ my¶ cries¶, Lord¶ don't¶
    A¶ban¶don¶ me¶, I'm¶ ti¶red¶
    Grant¶ me¶!!
    NOTE: The way you have written, “I’m” cannot be pronounced as “I am”.

    Hashan, just checked the counts once more and I found it to be like the above. Hope this helps. You should start counting the syllables yourself for better understanding of the same. Please do not rely on the web links. They are often misleading..

  13. @ Zendagi
    thanks :) n now try the new style :) waiting for your attempt !!

  14. @ tan

    Oh your point...have to practice it!! Thanks for it sirjee :)


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