May 7, 2009


every year 100 new news channels are launched! all of them gets the TRP! talks shows, Interviews of leaders , media coverage of scamps, attacks, everything is being watched!
and then when VOTE DAY comes... U see figures as 29% In up, 30% in Bihar and 14% in J&K, ...
not just this... Our very respected capital delhi had 33% till the last time I saw television!

Everyone has an opinion but no one wants to vote!
god damn it! step inside the booth! U will see 15 odd names... do u know each of them? vote for strangers! vote against those whom u hate! give someone a chance! have a voice atleast please! u think u are making a statement and message sitting at home and saying "all the cheaters, whom to vote for blah blah...", then who the hell are you! Bihar And Up people turning out to vote 30% is a real shame! millions of rupees spend in campaighn and hours of media time and coverage and air space on radio occupied... just to get some asses move to the booth! god damn! cancel the holiday! these people dont deserve this day to rest!

NOTHING F**K can change! All are cheaters! thanks for happily accepting this cheating!

I think more number of voters come out to vote in panchayat elections of villages, then why give all those roads, malls, and facilities to delhi and other big cities when they cant even vote! what's the diffrence!

why this holiday????

u need 2-3 hours to vote at max! then why this 8-10 hours office break! this shows that everyone is right!
there is no right person or party to vote for!

but this also answers why!

keep sleeping!



  1. whao!!!! that was heavy mate...but yea its true...make a difference people....i personally couldn't vote because i don't belong to this state

  2. I wld resound the same to the sleeping who didn't vote...!!

    But then.. everyone talks.... everyone blames...

    The uneducated are made to vote by the netas in exchange with money, drinks n so..... I mean to say.. there's no thought behind those votes... It wld make sense if the educated Vote..... But then... Its just a public holiday for them.. most of them atleast... sadly..


  3. Thank God I voted.. Otherwise, I would have felt miserably guilty after reading this post :(

  4. i lost my id card two-three days before the voting, i did go to the polling station but was refused :(

    so, i did try.. luck (read badluck)intervened!

  5. I heard Kiran Bedi, India's Pride today speaking to one of the reporters and telling (rather asking) the same question...

    Hope people will listen to this :)

  6. Yes seconding Tan..Hope ppl will listen to this!!

    I didnt get holiday though :((

  7. @ freelancer - the people who have been given job of issuing voter ID card are biggest idiots!

  8. @ tan and hashan - hope is the only thing left... one more coalition government seems to be coming...they will fight within themselves again for 5 more years and nothing will change!

  9. @ hashan - how come u dint got the holiday????

  10. If u don't vote, you don't count. So take ur pick.
    And btw the so called largest democracy is the world is only that. Large. Not true.
    But dude, if people like us conclude that nothing can change, then nothing will. Be the change u want to be, shout it out even if its only one little voice! Don't let the glow extinguish.

  11. i am into a 24/7 process, was needed to train some US folks that day..:(


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