May 24, 2009

A Dark Silent Grave..


A turning point came in my life,

Dark, very dark and so very quiet,
As if nobody could hear me,
Restless and keen I was, to,
Know what's wrong, why I was,

Surrounded with infinite silence,
I wanted to scream but my voice was choked,
Languid I was, with no hope,
Escape I wanted but had no hope,
Not now, not again,
Tired and fatigued, but couldn't move on,

Groan in agony, as emotions melt from my heart
Result was in tears, leaving my eyes,
Although I loved silence,
Voices but I now wanted for sure,
Eager, bolstering words from my loved ones


P.S( Maverick thank you so much for help and you know what i wrote it keeping you in mind, imagining you and myself off course)
P.S.S( Its dedicate to me and maverick exclusively) heheh


  1. this was a very well written work!
    no wonder...maverick is an excellent teacher too!
    and u... an excellent learner!
    god bless

  2. u r not allowed to write such dark posts at such tender age of urs :P !! go back to writing good mushy stuff !! waiting for that :)

  3. a wonderful acrostic BTW

  4. @Illusion
    Do I see a Shelly in the making? ;)


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