May 22, 2009

THE CURSE (Sneak Peek)

You saw it?? Congrats. You have been cursed. Go hide before your past comes to haunt you. There is no escape. Coz the evil resides in your eye. Amen!

This terror friday, rush for cover!!


  1. The Evil does not reside in my eyes - not anymore - I am sure about it; so, you may trust me...

    Well, those evil eyes still haunt me - wherever I go - evil was there in those eyes which did not let me sleep for weeks!

    Anyways, there is no evil anymore - its pleasure and peace!!

  2. oops tan...i think you missed someone in the coin and in the eye

    :-) :-)

    pehchaan kaun?? pehchaan kaun??

  3. Abe main dekha... lekin main samjha John Travolta hai... abhi wapas dekha to jana - ye to apna Stibu hai re... hehehehe... Nice work :)

    Now, I'm really scared :P

  4. Tan....hans mat...its terror friday...gosh!! why do people laugh when i post love laced stuff on "love laced tuesdays", senti stuff on "teary wednesdays" and horror on "freaky(horror)fridays"?? :-( :-( :-(

    he he he...john travolta...woaaaaaaaaaah!! Ste would give you a bar of dairy milk for saying that. Now you are scared naa?? Stand scared.

    Fear has a name now :-)

  5. exactly Sandeep ?? why do i think its a post for LoL Thursday ?? nice stuff u r doing !!

  6. Oh God, Oh God...

    Why did i see it? Why?

    Someone save me pleaseeeeeeeee!! :(

    @ Sandeep,

    Bro this is TERROR FRIDAY and you are still not over with LOL THURSDAY??

    Gosh!! Mujhe ab bohot darr lag raha hai!! :( Un aankhon mein woh chashme (shades) wala ladka... aage kya hoga?? *biting nails*



  7. hahaha

    funny aarthi

    shades wala ladka dialogue mast tha hahhaa

    haha yea prats,tan,aarthi u r cursed

  8. haaaaaaaaaaay rabba..aab kya hoga? maine bhi dekha !!

  9. hashan
    tu bhi cursed

    ur past will haunt u nw

  10. *bash on ste's nose* ... kya re?? kya curse?? :P

    Scary enuf.. ;)



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