May 22, 2009

Brutal Love.......

Shione had been dating Josh for quite sometime now, enough for her to be madly in love with him. They had always spent time outside amongst the hustle and bustle of the city. Both had dreamt of having a quiet corner all to themselves where they could share their special moments..

Today the day had come, she had invited him over for dinner. She had spent the entire day cooking a sumptuous meal for the two of them, doing up her house, the table, setting the crockery and cutlery to match the occasion, as perfect as she could get... Finally with an hour left before his arrival, she made sure that she looked her best. Donning the white dress, Josh had gifted her, she touched up her face, her face glowing with happiness..

The door bell rang. She rushed to her dressing table, took one last look at herself and when she was content ran to answer the door. Holding her breath, she opened the door. Josh was standing right there with a bouquet of red roses wearing a smile on the face. But there was something odd about his demeanour today, something which made her uncomfortable. Shirking her baseless thoughts, she took him by his arm and led him into the sitting room. She smelt alcohol in his breath and realized his walk wasn't steady, and so were her thoughts now..

She looked at him and asked, "Are you alright?" A devilsh smile escaped him while his eyes scanned her from head to toe crossing the lines of decency. She froze. She parted her lips to ask again and a thunderous blow came smashing on her rouge cheeks. She got thrown, her head landing heavily on the corner table. She flinched from the pain, felt warm, viscous liquid trickling down her forehead and her lips swollen. She felt her world quake, fear engulfing her..

Lighting a cigarette, he looked down at her and said, "My friend commented that you are the most beautiful woman and that he could have done anything to have you in his life. I wonder how many men have ogled over you? Only I own you. You shall pay the price to have made a place in the fantasies of other men." He exhaled a waft of smoke, allowing it to hang in the air. Alarm ran through her, her mind went berserk.

He pulled her up by her hair, she tried to scream, but the look in his eyes silenced her. He moved her face closer to his, inhaled another puff and smothered it on her face. His ghoulishness a darker tinge now. She tried to move, extricate herself from this monster, but all she could manage was catching the thin air. Before she knew, the cigarette butt had mapped her face charring her once supple skin. Muffled screams escaped through the searing pain. She found it difficult to breathe. The pain, the shock numbed her senses, taking away her strength to resist the madness, to fight. She kept staring at him, hundreds of questions queuing her mind, now reflecting in her eyes, hoping that he would just let her be.

He shuffled through the neatly set table and returned with a fork and before she knew what was happening, the prongs of the fork dug into the flesh of her arms, blood flooding her once white dress. She screamed loudly unable to bear the ruthlessness, she heard herself pleading to him, begging him to show her some mercy. He liked this part, the part of dominance, woman insubordination, he got a high now that he had enslaved her. She slumped back.. He finally left...

The blades of the ceiling fan slashing through this morbid silence, the room disheveled, all bespoke the violence..

Lying down in the corner of the room, floating in the pool of blood; she felt her confidence broken into a thousand pieces, self respect devastated, completely stripped of any emotion, ashamed of her inability to stand for herself..... The girl in her dead forever.. She gazed at this new found emptiness...

For Fear had a face now, fear that remain caged in her mind.... All because of "Love".

P.S: This is pure fiction. A first try at writing a story..


  1. even it was a bit too much to handle, it drove the point well that fear sometimes do take a name and shape in most unexpected events !! well wriiten Heena .. waiting to read more from your pen ...

  2. @ Prats,

    Thanks for your encouragement. Need it.. Fear is awful at times..

  3. narration was superb, u described well !! keep writin' :)

  4. great narration...
    the description was sadistic...theme of the day...

  5. @ Hashan & Arun,

    Glad M I that you guys liked it...

  6. Very good story Heena ( got that hint from Prats's comment.. So, u r Heena :) )

    Story.. very captivating.... The guy was so brutal on his part... Goes perfectly for today's theme..

    I especially liked the narration where he slaps her... Very nice :)


  7. @ Arjun,

    No that was a typo.. My name's Sheena..

    Thanks buddy for those comments, means a lot..


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