April 14, 2009

Wish i had a gun........

I pick up a pencil to write my head out,
not getting any ideas, i keep it down.

I search through my thoughts for a possible stanza,
not getting any phrase, i shut my mind.

I work hard all night and all day long,
my hard work isn't acknowledged, i stop it forever.

I make efforts to regain their trust and compassion,
they remain superficial, i loose interest.

I try and talk to you, try and match up to you,
you think im being foolish, i prefer staying shut.

You take my heart away, without even knowing it,
but your heart is with someone else, i step back without showing it.

I try one last time to make my life organized,
Life said, i could do so, for once i understood.


  1. nice ideas... but could not connect it with the title !! it was an njoyable read !

  2. pratsie, u read my mind n commented early! not fair! :P

    i agree with prats... loved d lines anandit, but the title seemed disjointed..!

  3. I think i got the connection between the content and its title....

    Do u wish u had a gun for that one last attempt???

  4. well written... pls support it with a pick to enhance effects the next time!
    happy blogging!
    god bless!


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