April 23, 2009


Last week Vitruvian boy asked for anu malik's introduction here in this series!
so I am coming up with one of my personal favorite tracks of all time again
from movie " akele hum akele tum" (1995)
name of track are "aisa jhakham diya hai... " and "Dil mera churaya kyun....", brilliantly sung by Udit Narayan(Applauses!) and Kumar Sanu (claps!)
I loved this movie too! Aamir's performance as usual was brilliant! and songs were fabolous!

but were the Tunes really original???

1 AISA JHAKHAM DIYA HAI ( initial tune lifeted from DEEP PURPLE (sweet child in time ) which Came out in 1970!

2 DIL MERA CHURAYA KYUN - (song lifted from LAst Christmas by george micheal(1980) .... I love this one too )

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  1. tsk tsk tsk

    Where's the originality in the bolly cinema? I read a post a few days back where the author said, if you are copying, at least do it right...

    PS: Even the song
    that i love so much, Pehli Nazar from race is copied. From a Korean song I guess.. Must say well done though ;)

  2. That song copied from WHAM actually has lyrics in English too!!1

    SO irritating I tell you!

  3. @ ms R - thanks! and the song u mentioned for race was "sang hae yo"... I will write about that too someday!
    I know 4 copied songs from race!

  4. @ RV - thanks for visit and comments!

  5. good pulkit
    anu malik to sabse bada chor hai aaj tak usane original koi dhun nahi banai

  6. God !1 4 copied songs in RACE ???? its a record or wat ?


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