April 25, 2009

That picture of happiness

There was a picture in my mind,
I named her happiness
I'm in that picture today,
but I can't find happiness
There is a new picture now,
called happiness
I do not reconginze,
when I see happiness
Because I know her only,
by that picture named happiness

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  1. Happiness Happiness all the way.. I found it intense and thoughtful.. good one Pisku!

    this poem can have different interpretations by different readers..and that is called poetry in its true sense ..:)

  2. @IMM: Thanks!

    @Miss Sunshine: Glad u liked it!

  3. @Kajal: Thanks Kajal. Yup, this one does have a few interpretations :)

  4. this is what i call the beauty of poetry ...beautiful with the scope of interpretations...so much said in so few lines...loved it to the core :D

  5. Interesting take on Happiness !! liked it :)


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