April 18, 2009

A Simple Sorry!

As she perched beside the window, she was in an unusual pensive self.

The alluring moon further enticed her into the vivid memories of the past.

“I am Sorry”, was all she remembered now of that moonlit night.

And she wondered can a simple S-O-R-R-Y really heal all wounds!

A healing or a hurting word!

Prompted and Submitted@3WW

P.S. This is also my first attempt at fiction 55 as well 3WW. So i m looking forward to genuine comments which would be helpful.

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  1. this was intense !! and so very true :)

  2. This was wonderful! eerily true and beautifully put forward! likd it! :)

  3. nicely written nabila...intense feelings...wow

  4. beautifully written!

  5. "And she wondered can a simple S-O-R-R-Y really heal all wounds!"

    Intense thoughts!


  6. @Prats thanks so much :-)

    @ Maverick glad u liked it :)

    @ Kajal i m just so glad u read and liked it as i just love ur 55 fictions and prompt writing and this is my first attempt at it. i m just so glad :)

    @Aparna thanks so much dear :)

    @Pulkit thanks :)

    @Mohita i know quite intense but so true at times too..glad u liked it :)

  7. there seems to be some confusion... i have never attempted prompts or 55 fiction.. will try my hands on them soon.. :)

    if you meant you like my work.. - i am so glad for that.. :D

  8. @Kajal i meant those small fictions u try sometimes....maybe don't actually attempt it...but just a few words say so much...and the variety and talent seen in all creativity is immense and what there in categorizing.....and obviously i love ur work and u know that :D


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