April 18, 2009


Beyond every tear is not just pain, but a chain of painful events, perhaps at times... painful memories!Submitting to the faith of tears one can encounter numerous phases in a single cry, starts with a regret and eventually ends at relief! Behind every tear, there is a story that needs to be told, there are words that desires to be heard, there is a voice that someone needs to listen...

Its not just an expression but a monotonic agony, a surrender to life's toughness, may be an admission of one's sins or the regression of our faults! Have you ever thought, how much does a silent tear says?

Crying and moaning can be expressive, but not the tear... it just falls, at the instance of its fall, it says a story! A story that only those eyes know from where it emerges, a story that only heart knows from where it travels to the eyes... a story full of emotions, depicting mostly tragic and rarely happiness in its fall. Yes , every tear says a lot.

Tears reveals the hidden truth of god's glory that pleasure is often a visitant; but pain cling cruelly to us. Yes its rightly said that, For all the happiness mankind can gain... it is not in pleasure, but in rest from pain. At the end of pain, at its very tormenting peak comes the tears... for some, this peak comes pretty soon, for some it comes after a long time, but it surely comes! And in that moment of agony, one needs someone, one needs something , may be a shoulder to hang... may be a helping hand, and unbearable the need becomes, no matter whomsoever you talk to, not matter how so ever you think, there comes a time when you just need to cry... thats where the story of tears starts. Then on... you bleed from eyes, searching for solace and tears narrates the story once again and you listen to it, ashamed, sad and broken... perhaps shattered! Then the story ends, there is a bliss at its epilogue... a sudden encounter with soul, your soul, you!

You,submitting to destiny, closes your eyes... wishing this all could end this very moment! But thats the actual beauty of life... stories never end, they just takes a pause and then continuous till forever, always! Some stories that means the most, some stories where words are not relevant, some stories told, heard, known to/for/by you and just you! Some stories that belongs to every tear of yours, yes! Every tear has a tale... that one can never forget!



  1. dearest readers,
    every tear has its own story is a philosphical extract from my diary, exactly one week later to the last post, glad to have its success at hand and at the same time... dealing with extremely tough phase at one corner of my life! here is a few things.. actually feelings, that I wanted to dischare from my end! have used the blog again for this... hope you will like it! please commet and let me know about something that u might have gone through some point of time regarding the relevance of this post!
    hope to hear from your end...
    with ocean of love and universe of blessings
    your most honest wellwisher and best friend
    January 24, 2009 1:20 PM

  2. ah.. you didnt miss out on anything did you..

    tears ..well..

    hum jab ashk chhupaate hain,
    kamzor se ho jaate hain,
    par jab beh jaate hain ye moti,
    hum bade kamzor nazar aate hain.

    askon ki ye ajeeb kahani hai,
    khushi ho ya gum,
    hur pal chhalak jate hain,
    hum jo mehsus karte hain,
    ye beh ke bayaan karte hain..

    Inke bina jazbaat,
    thode feeke ho jate hain,
    ye behte hain jab,
    kitni nazaro mein,
    shumaar ho jaate hain.

    ashk to bus ashk hain,
    humaare dil ka gubaar,
    ek chhoti si hansi,
    thoda gum, thoda pyaaar!
    your post inspired these lines in me..thank you.. :)

  3. Pulkit....Dis was so very beautiful......pain expressed in all its vividness....hurt represented in such a way dat it is almost beautiful......Luvd it! :)

  4. nicely written pukit...indeed tears have a lot to say

  5. @ aparna = thanks for the appreciation dear!

  6. @ maverick - hug! thanks bro! smiles!

  7. nicely written pulkit....adnan


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