April 22, 2009

She does not -5

Continued from Tan's post she does not-4

Tan's mind was full of questions. He wanted to ask so many things from her but .. he tried her number but it was of no use . as dialling her number made him hear a female voice " the number you have dialed is not in use please try later" . He wanted to ask her why she did this to him? what made her ..

He wanted to cry but tears were unavailable like she was. World at this stage seems too unfair to him..


  1. emotional.. and some painful questions asked to self..

    Insi I think the 'her' has to be replaced by 'him' in the last line of first para.
    'why she did this to him?' or 'why did she do this to him?'

    love ya girl! god bless!

  2. very well cairried on...
    god bless ya! keep it up!
    good job!

  3. the challange is open still i see ..... nice lines Insi :)


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