April 8, 2009

The Incidental(and Mental) Friend

Her: Did you realise you just called me a timepass and a dustbin??
Me: When did i call you that? Did i say this sentence..? I just said i would miss you like i miss the dustbin on my floor when i go to college! When did i say you are a dustbin?? ;)
Her: So mean you are...meano... :(

An excerpt from the now-daily Ramayana I have to go through. (I can hear a 'meano' in someone right now.. ;)) Same name, same voice same attitude and same stupidity. Daily. Every hour almost. "Its been like a roller coaster ride since we came in contact and knew each other." Roller coaster? Really? Noway..! More of a tiring bull cart journey with broken wooden wheels rummaging their way through the bumpy and hopelessly broken roads of a typical Indian village. When you stumble upon someone like this, who eats your brain for infinite continous and painful hours, you wish to have been listening to Himes(Supposed to be Himesh, but thats how Hes famous!) for continuous stretches than listening to that voice. Something that irritates you to the core. Like when you are writing something like this, your messenger pings right now and there is a random yet innocence filled message- "I cant study.. :(" Times like this make you smile.
Even after things being like above every single day, you still dont avoid. Infact you like it. You want to hear that voice. You want to listen to that crap. And you only wonder why...

Is it love? Thats the first thought. And the last one too cause' the answer is A BIG NO. Not at all. The situation is not like "oh it is love but I cant recognise it." No. It certainly is not. Because you already love someone else. So then what is it? Why do you still want to pick up if you see the name flashing on your phone?

Cuz, shes like a reservoir( Read: in terms of food too...Give her something to eat...and she forgets the world around her until she finishes off the last bite! That is why I fear to treat you with an ice tea and burger coz i fear you won't stop at one!) But apart from that, You can store your thoughts too in her. ;P.. As much as you can, as much as you want. Without an alarm going off that its full. Atleast for now the reservoir carries a label that the capacity is enough and its "content independent". When you feel like banging your head on the wall, due to reasons you cannot share with anyone, you just have to give a missed call. And there comes a call back with a musical and seemingly unending "kya huaaaaaaaa..."..soo unending that you wonder if you should take a nap or go play football or a match of DotA and when you come back that 'kya hua' would be nearing its final stages..... But then you realise that its over. The 'kya hua'. And you pour in.........................

What will you call her? An idiot? Whose idiocy leaves footprints on your mind and embeds some statements that you just feel, "damn, that was good"... Or a mature women, whose maturity seems like that of a kid trying to use a camera twice his size with the lens shut..... A rich spoilt brat? So much so that she calls you up everytime you need her, even after her phone bill exceeding the limit. An easy one to go through? So easy that she irritates you and doesnt hang up until you say it on her face that "listen im getting irritated!! will you hang up or should i jump off the roof?". Or a difficult one to understand? So much so that she just says 'hmm' and you know she has understood. (I still wonder why the hell my "sorry" troubles you so much even if its for a genuine cause?? )

Call her anything, but she will stun you with her idiotic maturity, and make you like her with her mature childishness.

Who is she?

I call her the "Incidental(and Mental) Friend" (A new name, another one for you.. ;P )

One, whom I haven't seen yet.

(PS: This was so random that I was just watching Gerrards video and I thought of writing this when i heard the word "Kick" said in the commentary!
Dedicated to a close friend. Must say, that things did happen in my life, both good and bad, but nothing more pleasently surprizing and fun happened- until YOU happened.
Just be happy and talk less!! Nik... ;P )


  1. OMG! I love you!

    I have this dumb ass smile on my face... The one only you can put on my face!
    I am happy coz this is an awesome return to the Lounge...!!

    Shit!! The girl you are talking about would be shouting in happiness(or atleast wanting to!!!)
    Welcome back to the lounge again...! :D

  2. I guess many people can relate to this post....
    good one... :)

  3. I can completely relate to it...

    It was superb yaa..every sentence written here... :) gets me smiling away to glory!

    Good one...


  4. wow i loved me...trust me we all have such incidental frnds and hence cd relate more
    keep writing :-)

  5. @neo
    yes brodr i know, mny ppl stumble upon dese kinda frens... and its lovely!

  6. @aarthi
    Thanx... n yea i am back 2 d lounge!!
    so will keep posting...here, and at ma blog too... do drop by it some tym.. :)


  7. Meri bhi asse ek frd hae.....

    good post.... :)

  8. thank you brother.... and i hope d best fr u and ur frendshp with that frend!!! have fun....!!

  9. i agree wid rash....the gal would love to shout at d top of her voice...yes incidental (and mental friend)... u r a lucky guy i guess... :P
    n ya nik welcome back to d lounge...

  10. right before you put it, 'is it love' i wanted to ask so!

    What will you call her? An idiot? Whose idiocy leaves footprints on your mind and embeds some statements that you just feel, "damn, that was good"... Or a mature women, whose maturity seems like that of a kid trying to use a camera twice his size with the lens shut.....

    beautiful imagery!

    and she'd been shouting for too long, i think you could play three football matches in the meanwhile!

    welcome back.

  11. @Asbo
    (id like 2 call u dat!! ;P)
    thanx a lot swthrt fr d welcome...!

    and btw, i put that "is it love?" exactly at the point where i felt so many ppl would like to ask dat...so...it worked!!!


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