April 11, 2009

Pleading "NOT GUILTY"

Pre-Script..A girl is being raped by her Father and She kills him. She kills him inspite of the fact that he was her father. But did he deserved anything better??
She is now being trailed in the court of law as a Murderer..This poem reflects her angst towards him and her pain.
This is partially inspired from three real life incidents that have occurred one in U.S. and two in India recently.

Time is running against the clock

Here I stand in the dock.

Eyes piercing me with questions galore,

I witness a startling furor.

They scour my face for a probable cause.

And marvel at how callous I was.

To have slew the one who brought me to earth,

And bring reproach to my own birth.

But do they know it was not homicide?

Oh! He was a beast in a human’s hide.

If he was behind my geniture in this world,

Why did he acted like a curse’s herald.

I cried, I wailed, I suffered every night,

For me, even to breathe was a fight.

His covetous body, my spirit so pure,

With his lustful venom my adolescence he tore.

He racked my soul, He ailed my flesh,

With his sins so harrowing, my vehemence he enmeshed.

It was me, yes it was me,

I had all the cogent reason to be.

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  1. charzz u remind me of a book...based exactly on this concept...she was accused for murdering her father...and no one could believe dat her father could rape her because of his goodwill...n even after killing him vich was all that beast desrved...she dint want his reputation to be hurt *sigh*
    god bless u...awsome...

    n honestly killing him was very little of vat such ppl desrve...as compared to the torchure she must have gone thru


  2. The law system in india has so many loopholes....

    Nothing,however obvious it may look is real until you ask questions and prove it in the court...

    The girl requires a good lawyer and she ll be saved...

    Good post.... :)

  3. i am amazed at the poem. just blown away. the concept is so brilliant...

    charz, u have done it poetic justice.


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