April 11, 2009

Aaj raat (Contd.)

aaj raat, hain ummeed ki aakhri raat
mere pyaar ko taraashna chahta hun
tere dil me jo chhupi hui hai baat
use tere ankhon me talaashna chahta hun
aaj raat, ummeed karta hun ke tu ayegi
aur apne bahon me bharlegi hume
haqiqat me nahi to mere khwabon me ayegi
aur apnaa humdam karlegi hume
aaj raat, tere bagyar ghar nahi jaunga
na tujhe akele lautne dunga ghar
tu ek baar bulaa, main daur aunga
baho me tu le le mujhe agar
aaj raat, hai mere ummeed ki aakhri raat
kehde jo kehna hai, reh jaye na koi baat...

In response to Pratibha's Poem (Aaj Raat). Tried to write a Sonnet here, in Hindi. If you like it...


  1. great tan...prats couldnt have a betr response...i loved ur sonnet...

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  3. wow Tan.. i am touched!! beautiful thought

    cheers buddy :))

  4. lovely one !!! really beautiful :)

  5. badiya!!!
    good response to the earlier one by prats.... :)

  6. hindi sonnet? wow tan! :)


  7. Hmm.. Started off reallly well.. the middle lines could hve been better..
    But Overall the effect was brilliant..:)


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