April 14, 2009


PLAGIARISM in Hindi music is a known fact to most of the music lovers like me!

This section is for all lovers of pure music, like me! I am a vivid user of Internet and an involved listener of songs! On various websites on net as well as churning across various music pieces I keep encountering copy cats that shamelessly lift songs and tunes from various regions of planet and release them without any considerable credit to the original source! Some of the songs included here will leave you dumbstruck! I have collected a great list of such songs with account of some actual easy to detect lifts!

This series will try to highlight such cases....

Hope you will enjoy this work...

one request to each one of you is that... Here I would try to post videos (most of which will be from YOUTUBE), it might take about 10 minutes to buffer before you actually compare the content...

please devote this time... somebody works for 10 days or 10 hours... and someone steals that work in 10 seconds... cant you give 10 minutes to actually see the original work!

(c) DISCLAIMER: the content of this section is not certified or standard! I write on how I feel, on the basis of what I hear! The views of readers and listeners can differ and I stand here for no corrections to it! The motive of this section is not to throw mud on anyone but to shower flowers on some artists whose work might not be known to fellow Indian music listeners otherwise! Coincidences of similar sounding tunes too can occur in this section without any intentional copying act and for this case I request the musical authorities who might get offended to contact me and correct me!



Kya mujhe pyaar hai... a super hit song from the movie “Woh lamhe”(music composer - Pritam)

this is lifted shamelessly from Tak bisakah',Indonesia's popular and successful groups, Peterpan. This track was part of the soundtrack of an Indonesian teen flick, 'Alexandria' (2005) and was as well as still very popular there!

shamefulness of this work lies most in the initial tune of guitar... do notice it please...

hope you liked this one...

keep waiting for more....



  1. dearest readers
    trying a new thing here which I dint noticed in the posts that I surfed on WL!
    since this place is full of creative people...
    lets celebrate some original sources of songs that we know by some other name! :D

    with ocean of love

  2. that's good pulkit
    pritam is a biggest theft and i know that nearly all songs by him is copied from some where else

    songs of race
    specially touch me and pahli nazar
    and a program on this also comes on star news 8-9 months before

    good post

  3. @ chirag - thanks bro! yeah... I know those two tracks also that U mentioned...
    wait on....
    I will stay very regular at this work...

    haev about 3000 songs in my diary which are exactly copied.... what more to say... :)
    let the section begin...

    but I will have to see... if people here are enjoying it or just getting bored...
    so thats also a consideration

  4. @PULKIT,

    very innovative concept and looking forward for more on this..
    it will be enjoyable we feel.

    but on tuesdays, we have a series called "time to rhyme tuesdays" by vinay and kajal.. sort of poetry dedications...

    so would u mind plz shifting to thursday? do hope u can understand!

  5. Agreed with Chirag.. Pritam is a big music thief :(( almost all the tunes are copied from south east asian music and middle east's music..
    India mein to pura picture copied rehta hai :p

    Nice post Pulkit :))

  6. @ admin - thanks for the backing !! and appreciating the concept!
    okies! as u order sir!

    it would be thursday thefts from now on...

    actually I kind of wanna initiate a series but not based on day posting schedule...
    cos I am stuck up with college work of technical studies all the time and wanna post... as much as possible... so if il miss a turn then il stay sad whole week )lol :)

    (tuesday theft) was just cos I posted it today ... else it could have been
    shameless sunday
    saturday stealers
    etc etc....

    Il post the next one on thursday...

    and this time .. not pritam.. but some thing not expected much...


  7. @ hashan - thanks bro for the comments :)

  8. thats something cool !!! looking forward to more such revealations :)

  9. yeah, even i looking fwd to such revelations! :)

  10. @ prats - thanks a lot dear!!

    @ leo - thanks :) (smiles),

  11. I have listened to many such songs....
    Shame on such music directors....

    Dont forget abt Anu Malik ... :D

    I like the way u present the two songs....
    keep posting....

    Hope we have a new post from u this thursday.... :)

  12. @ vitruvian boy - anu malik... ha! he is a certified thief... first let me put up some shockers... real big ones...then il focus back on anu and pritam again for sure!

    @ solitary writer.. thanks for comments!@

  13. nice poem here bro! nd da plagiarism stuff is awesome! I absolutely hate ppl who copy original material!
    Nice bro! Keep it up! :)

  14. i am wondering if it should be 'did i ask for more?' (my grammar is totally shaky..so just check. and let me know too.:)i'm sure you wouldn't have noticed..(hope you don't mind)


    but hey the poem touched my heart so much..

    about plagiarism.. it is just a shame inspite of so much of talent flowing in the country..

  15. @ maverick! thanks bro!

    @ pink orchid - thanks for correcting!
    my grammer is lost too... Sorry for the misktake!
    good to have ur comments kajal!
    hug back! thanks for support!


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