April 24, 2009

Chain Poetry - 6

Pre-Script : Today i again maintained consistency. The consistency of breaking promise. I broke the promise of not posting anything :( :( . Hey but w8, that was exclusiovely for my blog. That means i can post in other blog :D:D he heh hehe..dil ko behlane k liye Galib ye khayaal acha hai :P :D...but i am feeling a bit guilty :(...and a lot happy :P :P ....i missed so much..the LOL, Irresistible, FIB, Choka :( :(...so actually by coming to chain poetry...now i am feeling a bit relieved :)....a lot actually....

All emotions left at turn of "No Access"

No access to the real human in me
In me, now it’s just the smileys
The smileys, which are fake and empty

And empty, so is the real human in me
In me, now its just the screen
The screen of 17” glowing continuously

Glowing continuously, so is the virtual me
Virtual me, sans real friends
Real friends who are now alien to me

To me the best is the virtual me
Virtual me - fit in 3”*3” box
3”*3” box let me hide my real face

Real face replaced to anime in the virtual me
Virtual me killed the beautiful one
Beautiful one which was the real human in me

P.S. i Think i lost connection with pen or should i say keyboard...i seriously dont know what was i upto when i was writing ds...anyways feel free to do post-martem on it...w8ng 4 comments..and ya ya i ll comment on all pist which i just left and missed at times :( sorry guys 4 that...
The pic??? well lets say its to lighten up d poem..if at all ti was serious :D:D


  1. Missed you soooo much dear ... hows the studies going ?? ok ok i wnt be the boring aunt types ;) lets talk of this poem ... u hit the nail hard !! bang on !! this was so profound !! i really m glad i still have and cherish my REAL frnz !! or i jsut try to make my virtual frnds real :) !!

    tk cre !!
    n study well :D

  2. hey Gulshan..how r u doing??
    It was a brillient one !!

  3. thanks hashan and pratz...

    well pratz miss ya all guys too..i am reading and dreaming...studies are still miles and miles away..

    i hope i did good...last nite too i wrote smthng in reply of first post..but just deleted it half way..thought it was going no where :(...anyways its good if i u like it :)...no stopping for me now :)

  4. n swt hrt .. u broke another rule ... chain poetry was supposed to be MAX 8 lines !!

    i too did not notice it first coz this poem was so good !!

  5. sorry pratz..just saw it now....ll follow it from nxt time..pakka..is baar maaf kr do ..*on knees pleading * :( :(

  6. gul i so loved ur last line that i couldn't stop myself from writing another one...loved the whole poem n d idea of how we put up our fake self....really great

  7. as prats said it was bang on! i loved the thought and the way it was projected.. :D wow! brilliant!

  8. reading u for the first time!
    me too enjoyed the thought process... waiting for more from ur end soon ... :)

  9. thanks kajal, pulkit and i,me, myself..may i know ur name mam :)


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