April 25, 2009

Love prejudiced

Scene III
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MOM: Savi aunty had sent us this rishta. Kundli bhi mil rahi hai.
ME: Ok.
MOM: She asked me when do you want to come and see the girl. How is day after tomorrow for you?
ME:Do you know how much of an embarassement that is? More so to that girl?
MOM:Now dont use the girl as a ruse. This is a tradition followed since our forefather's time and there is nothing to be embarassing about it. Why are you so close minded about all this?
ME:Really? Call choti, lets ask her how'd she'd feel if you were to tell her someone was coming to 'check her out' and that too infront of everyone!
MOM:Dont be so dismissive about it. Are you saying you dont want to see how the girl looks? Or are you philosophizing on how looks dont matter? We know the girl and the family so it is not like...
ME: Ma, Im supposed to look at the girl once, speak to her for about 5 mins in full public view & decide if I want to spend the rest of my life with her. If thats not chauvanism, what is? 
MOM:Have you met someone? Does love have a name? Is she of our faith & language?
ME:Ma! Does love have a faith and langauge? Anyway, I need not have had this discussion if love did have a name. I couldn't woo, so I guess I have to come to terms with this.
MOM: Ill cross the faith and language bridge if I come to it. But your forgetting that this is about love and not about it being arranged or accidental.
ME: Not accidental Ma, spontaneous. Otherwise how do I know it will work?
MOM:Did the young in our generation not fall in love? No cellphones, no emails and no hangouts even in public places. It didn't matter. Two eyes met and from then on it was a commitment to make it work, not the otherway round. We sought no promise, we needed none. It was plain and simple. I don't deny we have our prejudices son, but you  sure have your own set of warps don't you?
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  1. when i read your posts, i realize, i have so much to say about all these things !!! ask me, how will i feel about ppl looking at my photo and rejecting me ... maybe m too fat ... maybe coz i m not pretty... maybe... watever !! do they ever try to know about real self ??

  2. @Prats. I leave this open ended for that exact reason! Anyway hang in there dear and youll carve a world of your own which the same people will look in awe!
    And tell you what, most of us dont know ourselves while we take pits at other people! And sometimes our prejudices prevent us from saying the wheat from the chaff.

  3. Right pisku !! but you know, there is no escape .. some months down the line, i will still be judged by my pic.. i will meet the guy and family for further scrutinization and maybe rejected too !! if not these things, horroscopes do the job !!! where's the place for knowing the person still ??

  4. U never cease to amaze me wid ur wonderful takes on issues dat r so damn everpresent dat we just ignore dem...nd den u bring dem to light nd everyone feels...yes...dis is wat is happening wid us now..why dint we realize???
    Luvd dis one! :)

    PS: Nd I luv da way "MOM" phrased her sentences too! :)

  5. I am so thankful to you for writing this..I wrote a poem a few days ago on similar lines, if you'd want check it the link is -


    this explains my take on it.. :D god bless!!

  6. Hey lovely piece, for each one will ve their own point of view on this... loved the way mom has put it across too...

    Love n marriage are indeed complex topics to discuss... our views on the 2 keep changing as we grow as we experience and as we explore things as we meet new ppl... Thinking over arranged marriage ...hmmm wot prob do we (our generation) really have wit arrange marrriage ? is it the way the entire procedure is carried out is it the spontaneity or is it just we are not ready to accept or believe ...

    Love def doesnt have ne faith or lang...But is spontaneity the only thing? wit time every thing fades and changes so do the spark adn spontaneity btwn 2 individuals adn wot really works is the effort/will to make it work or sustain knowing tht there are or were few things common btwn us....

    It's abt believeing tht there's is indeed no secret ingredient... it's abt belief ...the belief in making it work or not... or at times letting it go may be for wrong or right reasons....

    ah it's a like a jackpot... some win and some lose adn some lose it even after winning...

  7. @Prats. I know what u mean! But at times it takes a fight while someothers are more about asking for it. Let things take its course and then you can have your say maybe.
    I always tell myself, its about a lifetime, so whats the hurry!
    Keep smiling Prats and who knows, your prince charming might just be round the corner :)

  8. @Maverick: Thanks for those words! Infact I was wondering that the response to this on my own blog was far better than on the lounge, that if it made sense to write more when people aren't really reading!

    Yup, the attempt here is to bring in both perspectives and try and provoke thought!

  9. @Kajal: Just read what u'd written. Nicely put! I chose not to take one side when i wrote the piece above so that both perspectives are written down! But yes, my personal views are pretty much what u've said in that poem.

    Thanks for commenting!


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