April 16, 2009

The Lazy Story

Lazy story is a story about three lazy people.

Rahul, Jacob and Rima

These people were very lazy.

Rahul blamed Jacob and Jacob blamed Rima and then it came all around.

But, the question is why did they blame each other.

The answer is Money.

Lazy as they were they could not manage to earn sufficient funds.

The little they managed ,it would go.

Rima was constantly irritated for she thought she could spend more wisely.

Rahul blamed her cosmetics and RIma blamed Jacob's beers.

Jacob blamed Rahul's cigarettes.

The truth being neither could live without each other.

Because they had a special bond.

And what was it?

They were brothers and sisters.

Now the next obvious question would be ,why at this age, were they staying together?

Don't kill me after I tell you the answer.

The answer is that they were all lazy.

To find love to get married to make children, that takes a lot of work.

They couldn't even imagine.

So from childhood all three siblings were tied with a common thread.

The lazy story.


  1. LoLz !! I told u long time back .. u have a really different approach to things !! i loved reading this :D !!


  2. Very Nicely written..something different :))

  3. badhia yaar
    bahut lazy story thi[:D]

    nice yaar

  4. heheh...! :D

    something different alryt! :D

  5. really a very enjoyable experience....
    cute and simple..... :)

    The cover pic is also lazy.... :D


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