April 16, 2009

Holding hands forever

You hold my hand nervously;your palms are wet. I look into your eyes,They communicate,the hands become steady.

The way you held me in front of our families,the way i held you when we walked in here.The same way i will hold you - Forever.

"Thanks", you say and sign the marriage papers.


  1. *sighs* you brought back a memory of an old friend.. :( she got married.. she had to run away...

  2. this one is so beautiful! very apt example of how a few words (55 to be precise :P) too can wonderfully express sumthng!
    luvd it! :)

  3. Thanks kajal for the read .. i pity such people who have to see their kids run away and marry .. isnt their happiness more imp than pride ??

  4. Thanks Mav .. I was a bit upset wen i wrote this... guess i dnt like such actions .. poor couple ..

  5. wat happened who eloped? :P
    pratu like you can say a lot with so few words
    real nice work

  6. Ohh...this is so touchy..n sad too..If Parents should understand the feelings of their kids then they will not have to take sch an extreme step....

  7. This was a poem.. wasn't it? I read it and felt it so...

    I'm sure marriage is an awesome experience, with all the rites and rituals and the lights, the jwellery, the people, the Shehnai and the food!! I Wish... :( ...

  8. They ran away.. wish them all the luck :))
    Something ppl should about it :)
    Good one Prats!

  9. wow.. awesome...almost felt like getting married... hehe


  10. @Abhri : No one eloped .. i dnt like that personally :)

  11. @Charu .. exactly .. thats wat i think ..

    @Tan : what you wish ????

  12. @ wow this was brilliant....made me remember my bestie's wedding :-(

    and that i too wish...all love stories had just one end...but then :-(

  13. emotional one...!!
    brought back memories of my cousins... couple of my brother's successfully got married to their lovers...
    while a friend of mine... missed that opportunity... his state is the real inspiration of so many sad poetries of mine

  14. woh baane ek duuje ke liye.....

    Marriages dont have two sides like a coin....
    Its more complex....
    Kind of a cube....everyside having its own version of feelings abt a marriage..... :)
    nice post.... :)

  15. thanks for te read and comemnt Hashan !!

    @Arjun : LolZ !! tell ur mom dude ;)


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