April 7, 2009

Kama Tujhe Salaam

Here we go. The most horrid and lamest google research I have ever done is presented below. Ever since my early teenage days I was always obsessed with debunking the typical "sex" related conventions in our country using logical and rational thinking. Back then I always knew by an inside gut feeling that our country has a whole pile of sexually starved pervert maniacs. Somehow assembling the facts and data to screw a moral police dick was not possible till I got this amazing google trends search.

The idea was very simple. I did a couple of lame search just by thinking what would the pervert maniacs type in google when they sit infront of the Internet for the first time. Using this sort of glass logic I came up with interesting findings which I couldn't resist myself but to share with everyone over here.Forgive me admins if this post breaks the usual guidelines of the LOL Contest. As of my concern , I have been loling since I found them :P

First search I did was "how to have sex". Yes you are right , the lamest search ever possible on the planet. The below is the state wise ranking of the highest number of searches made on this keyword.

You can see Tamil Nadu, Karnataka and Delhi are the top states where people want to know "how to have sex". :P

Second pathetic search was "how to rape". yes you heard me right !! A crash course on the art of rape :P. Initially I thought this search probably wont have any results but to my surprise it exactly showed the results based on the frequency of actual rape cases in India.

As expected Delhi was way ahead than the others. Well Delhi is infamous for its frequency of incidents than any other state in the country.

Now here comes the shocker !! I searched "gay xxx" just to get a rough clue on which state can possibly have the most number of gays. After the results , I have pledged that I'll try my best to keep myself away from these states (:P)

Heres something that is still a good sign. This graph below shows that there has been a considerable decline in the amount of gay related searches done over the recent years in India.

But then we have a final bad sign. The beast inside! I searched the word "Incest" and compared it to a global search trend. There we are "the land of kamasutra" is the way ahead of all the countries in the world with secret desires to have sex within their own family members.

People next time onwards when some elderly person in his late forties with a typical underachiever look comes to you and rants about how great our Indian traditions are than the rest of the world and when moral police tries to dick with your personal freedom in the name of culture and tradition show them these stats above. You can verify it for yourself using the google trend!

What exactly is google trends?
Google Trends shows how often a particular search term is entered relative the total search volume across various regions of the world, and in various languages.Google Trends also allows the user to compare the volume of searches between two or more terms. An additional feature of Google Trends is in its ability to show news related to the search term overlaid on the chart showing how new events affect search popularity.

Link: trends.google.com


  1. :O :O :O ....:P

    he he....
    amazing trend results....

    glad to see that number of people who wish to join the gay league is on decline.... :D had many bad encounters with such people... :D

  2. interesting !! even i love googling for insane words but never ventured this side .. this was surely :O and :O ;) !! Astonishing !

  3. Nothing lame about that, guess its just whats inside thats being spilled outside, we've always shown ourselves outside to be conservative and so much more right wrong kinda stereotypes.

    But when we are alone, we are just ourselves and it just reflects out there (de google result).

    What ever we are or what ever we do in real life, we always leave digital markers behind with so much of technology we use, and the result is the collected effort of that(de google result).

    It just raises serious issues, promoting awareness about sex education and various other issues that are still a taboo in our society, unless we do that, cutting the conservative crap and all bullshit by this dumb lamers saying this is not our tradition and all that by hardcore groups and movements who just take up such things to whip up frenzy,divisiveness and gaining out cheaply on all that. *** i hope you all know about whom i'm talking about***

    ** i can keep speaking on and on... and on... like amaron... so... ***

  4. I cant agree with you more on this KingS. We can both keep going on this for hours without much chances of our viewpoints intersecting each other !

    I dont know if you have visited my blog but if you did then you can clearly see the endless stream of extreme reality I keep mentioning through the medium of poems.

    I have tones of facts and figures from research on different socio-economic issues not to exclude the different levels of indoctrination since post 1947. Majority of the mass feeds on hypocrisy while most of them tries to hide their facts and reality just to get along smoothly with the "system" and "traditions".

    This google trend search is just a tip of the iceberg as there are horrendous facts about "how indians are considered to be more likely of committing rapes and incest due to the existing mass scale ignorance,misconceptions and staggering amount of sexual deprivation.

    I just tried to spark a small dim light on a whole mansion of darkness through the means of a "sarcastic humor" in my post.

    Thanks for sharing your insight !

  5. I think it makes most sense. But 2 things that struck me while reading this are:

    1. Maharashtra which has Mumbai where (I THINK) people are most liberal about gays are the least interested to know about it. Hence, that could be the reason for the less number of hits

    2. The number of high no of hits for the word "incest" could be because the sudden interest in it because of the cases that have been reported.

    This could be one of the reasons... Among several others!

  6. @ragpiker

    guess ve been missing out ur writes then, will definitely chk them out soon ;)


    you got a point


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