April 13, 2009

Just for You...

Our friendship is so true,
I know that and so do you,
So what if we sometimes fight?
You and I know we’ll soon be alright.

We’ve been there for each other,
When no one was by our side,
When I had so much fear one day,
In your heart you had let me hide.

Friendship is when we forgive,
For those little mistakes that we do,
It kills me too when I sometimes
Pierce those needles into you

Friendship is when we love,
Each other for what we are,
It is when we know that love,
Even when hate becomes scar

Friendship is when we know,
That reason one cannot say,
Still we understand that silence,
And love more every single day.

I know we are those friends,
Because the heart is just true,
I know that love is immortal,
That binds together me and you



  1. awweee... i am so touched.. there is one more person who should be reading this..

    thank you for writing this one Vinu..

    thank youu so much!

  2. friendship is all that what vin has described. hmm

    and well, the fighting only strengthen the bond ;)

    hehe, helps the love grow!

    *be together guys*
    only that's how we will survive :)

  3. seconding asbah

    love u all

    thnks for writing this vins


  4. Bowled over...
    Friendship seems to be current flavor at the Lounge..and u had been serving gr8 stuff thr..:)

  5. another piece of brilliance from an awesome poet!

  6. @kajal,
    thank u! and welcome! :D

  7. @pratsie,
    speech not needed! :P kuch kaho! :P

  8. dude I hv been reading your poems from the bottom of the page and mann...this one takes the cake....love the thought ....friendship is a strong bond ..ain't it ....

    The pic in the end is cute too....lol
    Nice mann :)

  9. @anurag,
    thankss! glad u liked it! :)


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