April 20, 2009

Irresistible - 1

loving you
wont resist,
temptations within me.
the ones that keep on erupting...
When I dream of Nights within The heat of your arms!

(POETIC CRIES)(http://19goes20.blogspot.com)

Waiting for a reply on my first try on FIB POETRY From masters of this format like Hashan, Prats and other fellow louge members who write FIB brilliantly! Correct me please If I missed some rule! thanks all :)


  1. Nice one Pulkit...!!!

    i dont know anything Abt FIB so, to me it is a good work done..!!!

  2. I absolutely loved the last line! I dont really care about the syllables :P but the emotion and style with which you have written this struck quite a few chords in me!

  3. Haha..I am just a good pupil of Prats :D
    It was awesome Pulkit..i didnt count the syllable coz its looks fantastic for me !! I loved it..lets see what Prats says..:))


  4. nice one pulkit...its nice to see u experimenting in FIB and coming up with this beautiful piece

  5. Pulkit, i leave the choice of syllables to you .. u can check it yourself from the syllable counter !

    now for the poem .. It was irresistible read :D !! wonderful !! where is next part ??

  6. Accept compliments frm an amatuer....It was beautiful....to say da least! luvd it! :)

  7. beautiful poem ..no doubts on that one :D

  8. @ yamini - thanks for the appreciation!

  9. thanks RV! for the involved reading...
    and for the appreciation!

  10. @ hashan - thanks bro! me too joining the club of her pupils with this post.. much more to learn from the queen of FIB nd FICTION 55 here @ WL!

  11. @ prats - thanks for inspiring!
    thanks for the awesome reply!
    counted the syllables... its a fibonacci!
    all's well it seems!
    thanks thanks thanks... for the appreciation! meant a lot for me!

  12. @ maverick - thanks sir! loved ur blog too! read it yesterday and has followed it too:)

  13. @ mysterious gal - kind words and gentle appreciation is a great boost as always...

  14. you all make me feel so OLD wen u call urself my pupil ;) !

    will kill Leo when i meet him !! he gave ds "teacher" name to me !

  15. wowwwwwwww.. :) *when I dream of nights within the heat of your arms!!*

    this was like super duper Mush!! :)

    Pulkit, accept a bow .. \m/

  16. @ prats - age is just ur own expression... atleast thats what I define as the age of someone creative like u!

    @ kajal = bows back! still... drunk in the essence of ur post "fading away..." one of the best things I had ever read


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