April 8, 2009


Comfortably stationed,

On a moment of slumber,

Not realizing the intensity,

Veritable in all forms,

Exhibiting the passionate exchange,

Resulting in calmness,

Stimulating further forms and,

Attributes resulting in,

Transformation of the self,

Informing the soul,

Of a deep knowledge,

Not realizing its harmony.

Which itself was enlightening,

In great measures,

Through the sanctity and,

Harmony witnessed.

Granting peace.

Of the souls and,

Deifying the entity.

P.S. this is my attempt at Acrostic Poetry after long. I feel i haven't beeen able to do full justice to the title .So i would seek to get genuine comments on this attempt.


  1. hey hey hey an acrostic after a long time yaar...sahi hai nicee hai

    badhai hai

  2. I am bad poet.....
    I bad at understanding them...

    But I found the last three lines very simble and lovely... :)

  3. Dis was wonderful! I fu feel u havent been able to do justice to da subject den mebbe try again! Bt i feel it is an excellent effort! Keep at it! :)

  4. @Ste thankie :)

    @The Vitruvian Boy....well if i can garner praise from someone who is off poetry then what more do i want ...thanks :)

    @Maverick ...ya thats y i wanted to know what others felt...thanks :)

  5. oopsie... forgot to comment here efore... this was fantabulous !! :D loved it !!

  6. @Prats ...yupiee so u finally comment...i was so looking forward for ur comments on this piece.....i m so glad u liked it :D


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