April 29, 2009


The following thoughts were inspired after reading Pisku's post on Happiness

Happiness...Tell me how you look ?
where to find you residing
in busy lanes or empty brooks ??

Do you meet only the few elite?
Do i need to pay for you
or can you win you only by fight ??

Do you need a heart or a mind to stay ?
Will you be mine even when am alone
or you come,requested by someone's prayers ??

I might have a lot of other questions from happiness.. will ask later ;)


  1. Interesting! surely this deserves a reply!

  2. Happiness, are you listening? Pratsie is looking for you :D

    this one was so good Pratsie.. :)

  3. hmm..lemme not speak more about it....may be a post will come up soon answering your questions..!!!

  4. happiness is a state of mind...it's an eternal struggle to keep tht state constant:)
    whr to find it...U ask?
    whr not to find it...I reply:)

  5. Awww..Pratsie is looking for happiness.. happiness is in you gal :)anyways I am praying :D

  6. aaww pratsie really nice u gave words to my questions n yamini answered them back...i am loving the lounge more n more everyday...

  7. prats if ypu find her please direct her to me...i need her too

  8. @pisku : i hope i have got a reply ... will check soon...

    @Aparna : will spread it here if i get it dear !!

  9. thanks Kajal .. :) sweet of u !!

    @yamini : hope so too !! i was sure i will get a reply :)

    @comfortably umb : perfect reply!! thanks !!

  10. @Shwetha : gld you liked it :)

    @Hashan : u r too kind dude !! thanks !!


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