April 29, 2009


Inspiration to this post: Prats poem on Happiness..!!!

I am in the morning dawn
fresh and new, special to all and you

I reside in the cool breeze
to be present all around you

I meet everyone living
in some or the other kind

I reach you, if you realize
you need to pay your cute smile

I can be won, to be all yours
but promise to share me with others

I need nothing to say, except
your little eyes to show me away

I will be yours, all the time dear
its you who should grab me

I sure lie in your little prayers
but check out, even then i was yours

I am the little feeling of a cute heart
I am happily called "HAPPINESS"...!!!


  1. welcome to the lounge world of replies...!

    u r an ace already!! loved this yamini! :)

  2. @vinay

    thanks yaar...!!!

    **an ace already

    haha...not at all...i am still at the start..!!!

  3. lovely post yamini.... :)...

    Simple and sweet.... :)

  4. worthy reply indeed...happiness is everywhere, u just have to feel it:)

  5. i am happily called happiness

    i guess i loved this line above all...how simple yet so deep gud work yamini

  6. @Comfortably numb

    yeah..its in our hands to grab it...!!!

    thanks dear..!!!

  7. @i,me and myself

    i loved the line dear....!!!

    thanks a ton...!!!

  8. i was thinking of penning down a reply but this is just awesome...:D

  9. @The Pink Orchid

    pen down yours too dear...u will rock i know..!!!


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