April 3, 2009

A game of Cricket II

Sandeep : See, I got the CD of “The Greatest Cricket Match Ever” just for you
Ste:(Looks angrily at Sandeep after his dad slapped him) Dikha mujhe.
Sandeep:Its a very famous cricket video,you see.
Ste slaps Sandeep as he thought that it had some other movie.
Sandeep:Why you slapped me? (Inserts the CD on the player )
Ste: Omg!! This is really a Cricket match (gets scared)
Sandeep:Why did you slap me?
Ste: April fool !! hehehe
Sandeep: (grimaces and gives a threatening look at him)Today is 3rd April
Ste:Belated April fool Sandeep :P


  1. :P

    slappin nd foolin continues :P

    nice ..heeheheh...fool more ... slap more.... :D

  2. slap slap slap...kinna saaaaara?

  3. hahahahaha...
    badhia yaar
    basi april fool bhi mana liya


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