April 17, 2009

Elections!!! Watch out....

There are some questions in my mind who are troubling me ever since i read Uzra's poem under voice against terrorism...

Why suddenly the inflation is under control and the finance minister talks about having negative inflation rates??
How long will this continue??? till the elections end???

Why suddenly the bulls running again and the bears have gone for hibernation at the BSE and NSE..??? how long will the hibernation last?? till the election??

Why do all the parties advertise about their achievements only during election time?
Most of them on private channels..Doordarshan has less numbers comapred to other channels??

What has happened to the terror strikes?? Is the security and intelligence network working over time or may be politicians have signed a confidential and secret ceasefire with them.
Of course it will cease to exist once the election ends??( i hope this is nt true)

Why have suddenly SOME of the marathi's( i dont offend every one of them) stopped hating the bhaiya's and bihari's?

Why all of the ministers from Tamil nadu so interested in bringing a ceasefire in Sri-Lanka..Is every Tamil in the state of tamil nadu Happy that u r so concerned abt tamils in other countries?

Why all the politicians are silent about their alliances....Why do they want the elections to get over...Are they afraid that they ll lose people's confidence if they openly speak abt the alliance they want to join.

Why no channel shows what Amar singh did for Hilary clinton?

What has happened to all the celebrities in mumbai? Where's their chants of "enough is enough"
are they waiting for another incident to happen?

Is there really a provision in our constitution that we have been haering abt.Some section that describes that we have the right to vote for no one.But we have to go to the poll booth and tell the officer. If there's a provision...How can be trust that election officer.Coz there's no such option in the voting machine.

How's our vote secret then.? if its not secret, then how can it be powerful???

Lets hope that the power should come to someone or group of poeple who are less corrupt and more concerned abt this nation.

I am keeping my fingers crossed...... X


  1. well written !! one of the few worthy posts i have read on elections !

  2. The blog you wrote seems to have been written out of frustration over the ever increasing social disorder in the Country today. Considering that this is the very first activity of mine after joining the Lounge, I'll make it short and sweet.

    The inflation is everything but under control see: http://www.dailypioneer.com/170178/Prices-skyrocket-but-inflation-at-30-year-low.html

    The stock markets depend on various factors from economic to scio-political stability of the country. Majority of the progress on the BSE/NSE was due to FDI, which soon disappeared as the recession plunged the more developed economies. There have been some visible changes in the market after US brought its fiscal package into play.

    Isn't that quite obvious that parties will play "I'm-the-vote-for-me" during the testing times i.e. Polls?

    Terror strikes don't ask security or intelligence agencies of the target country weather they're prepared or not - recent attacks in Orissa,Chattisgarh,Bihar and Jharkhand have shown the loopholes again shown in the establishment, in the words of the BSF chief:" No prior intelligence on the attack of around 300 armed Naxals is a failure on our part"

    You're probably referring to MNS or Raj Thakrey - according to the "basic" guidelines of EC - The Moral Code of Conduct is in force, you create non-sense and you're in Jail, Varun Gandhi has tasted that and soon Sanjay Dutt will face the EC's music.

    The LTTE and Dravidian Politics is deep rooted, you probably have no idea of the same and thus this reference, a google search on "LTTE" will be a good start.

    This happens in West minister form of democracy, moreover, our politicians are opportunistic than ethical - And to ask for their sudden transformation overnight - is too much to ask for.

    What did Amar singh do? :O

    Mumbai is long forgotten, remind you're self of an oxymoron called:"The Spirit of Mumbai/Bombay"

    No there is no such provision called article 49-o; in fact if I remember it correctly, an MP was embarrassed in the Parliament when he raised the same point.

  3. more food for thought !!

  4. very well presented set of both criticism and sarcasm! decent way of putting up the voice of so many of us... :)
    good job!

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  7. Nice post there. More into the tune however Sam's criticism is highly polemic in nature but still very much also in tune with the whole illusion. I dont critic any of them because frankly I dont think none of us are really close to whats next and the kind of mind control we all suffer.

    I'll rather a put a post in sometime that will let us see the whole cube rather than everyone looking just an individual side of it.


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