April 17, 2009

Turbo Lover!

A Prayer First
Thank you lord for providing us with Direct port nitrous injection,
Four core intercoolers, Ball bearing turbos
and Titatinum valve springs !

Smooth Easy Ride,
We’r jus gonna glide,
Shifting Gears, Surge and Tide,
Velocity, Acceleration, Our side!

Power, torque, ground,
Ola speed of sound!
Blur Vision,Love found,
Turbo Whistle, Smoke surround!

Pistons surging up, down!
Cams, cranks turning around,
Engine, A perfect friend!
For it goes on till the end!

Brakes Fading, Metallica raiding,
Fear Staring, Tyres Tearing!
Nirvana, Heaven defined to the T,
Turbo Lover, Yeah me !
Alright hold on tight..Im a highway star - Deep Purple


  1. was a nice one, however I don't like the last paragraph too much
    "Brakes Fading, Metallica raiding,
    Fear Staring, Tyres Tearing!
    Nirvana, Heaven defined to the T,
    Turbo Lover, Yeah me !"

    Sort of reminds me of the Judas Priest song
    I m your TURBO LOVER
    Better run for COVER
    I m your TURBO LOVER
    Tell me there's no OTHER
    I feel your work more of concentrates on the mechanical part of some race car, gud work :)

  2. Its about my turbocharged Swift..!!!
    It has every formula to get your pulse racing as the poem says..
    Race Car..yeah almost!!:P
    Turbo Lover \m/

  3. wow..!!!
    Fiat's award winning multijet engine and maruti's perfect retuning gives u the most desirable premium diesel hatchback of our country....:-

    Maruti Swift DDIS...!!

    Although I am more interested in petrol cars....
    some of the new ones with crdi technology do cast a spell on me...

    wish u a happy and safe drive...
    enjoy.... :)

  4. Ok! I guess m a misfit here ;) but what the hell ! I enjoyed reading this !! I cnt drive but i love to be in a speeding car on a highway !! with music blaring and me singing along !!

    Miss those days with my friend :|

  5. i didnt really get half the jargons, but how i love it *nods* !

    congrats, and its amazing lol

    on a safety side, you should consider loving something else other than your turbo. *no offense meant i don't want to hurt her feelings* :P

  6. I'm loling at how H guessed your song so perfectly... :)

    And this WASNT just OK! It was great!

  7. one of the best that I have read on WL since the day I joined...
    engulfs my spirit! I am close to all my friends who are automobile engineers, that class of 3rd years have one of my all time best friend! this reminded me of him!
    very well presented !!

  8. Full speed ahead,ehhh.....Rohan! ;)

    Wondeful one...Though am more of a bike guy...anything dat deals wid speed perks my ears up! Nd besides u mentioned Metallica! \m/
    Lethal combination on the road!
    Luvd da feel of dis one....Lets hear it for Rohan nd his ride!!!!!
    wat say Rohan, LETS ROLL! 8-)


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