April 24, 2009

Chain post 4

Continued from here

Eyes of destiny, stringently stare..
Of just one arrival, of one sight
Of I love you, of I care
Until that day, I pray with all my might

Will that day truly come?
Sitting, wishing, waiting,
Till the day, I become numb,
or it is love, I start hating.

Ps: Sorry it wasnt the best but I tried.. Its difficult for me to follow someone else train of thought. But i tried


  1. sry fr d messup... ;P

    nice lines u got here...good! kp rytng...

  2. this one was so heartfelt.. god bless ya girl! :D

  3. Guess i am going through the feelings written in last 4 lines !! and now i wish to continue it ... lets see where it leads us :)

  4. rash like always gal amazing...loved the flow and the feeling in it...


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