April 24, 2009

silly media questions

hello friends what iam writing is here is very common but i want to write it because i saw it again .
we know the power of media specially i our country they can do anything that they want and they also help people and also gave us new information daily .

but sometime they just made a program for time pass or i should say sometime they gone mad.

just 2-3 days back iam watching AAJ TAK and i thought this is a election season so i will get the good news or something new on it and when i reached there i saw the reporter is at Jaipur and he is asking some people about the hot weather and in this sequence he asks a person"kaisa lag raha hai apako garmi me aur garmi me aap thanda pee rahe hai(how you feeling in this hot weather and you are drinking cold drink)"now what is that is that a question to be asked that person gives the answer and i laugh a loud on this questions.

sometime if someone lost something they goes there and asks"how you feeling"
i don't know but sometime they gone mad and asks some silly questions.

if anyone of you hear about any incident tell here.


  1. lol....
    issi liye toh maine sab hindi news channel dekhna band kar diya.... :D

    Yup jab laughter challenge bhi bore marta hae toh main India Tv dekhta hun.... :D

  2. what is india TV ....do they show everything about India?is it Vitruvian boy and Solitary Writer?

  3. AAJ tak rocks!!! :)

    my favorite still is Lord Ganesha's idol drinking milk.. or the cow being whisked away by a UFO :p

  4. India Tv is the most stupid news channel I had ever come across!


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