April 24, 2009

Chain Poetry - 5

Continued from Rashi's words here

Is it love, is start hating
hating enough to kill it in me,
me - devoid of any heart,
heart that once had no worry.

Worry i do not even now -
now that I have gone lifeless,
lifeless i walk away from all,
All emotions left at turn of "No Acess"


  1. well u r d teacher...i am d student..need i comment??..

    its to good :)

  2. finally !!!! some one read it ;) !! i tried loop poetry for the first tiem here !! so wanted to jsut know if i really made some sense !!

  3. i loved it prats...specially the last line
    "all emotions left at turn of no acess"

    kudos gal

    honestly i learn so much from ur poetry every day

  4. @ prats - ur the queen of poetic replies!

  5. @Tweety : we all r learners here !!

    @Pulkit : it was just my thoughts !!

    @Kajal : Thanks !! :D


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