March 15, 2009


hello friends after seeing the film quiz it thought there should be a cricket quiz on this lounge because we all know cricket is a religion in India and iam also crazy for cricket and also played in college cricket team.

so iam here to start this quiz and i will post the quiz every sunday.

lets start the question's

1. who was the only bowler to have taken a hat-trick in the first three balls of an ODI ?

2.'Dizzy' is the nickname of what Australian player?

3.which bowlers developed the "fast leg theory" in cricket?

4.which pad sachin tendulkar wear first?

5.gibbs hit 6 sixes in WC -07 on the bowling of which bowler?

6.Identify the ground.

7.Identify this player from India?

so friends here are the questions of this week cricket quiz.

you had to mail your answers at my mail id
last date for mailing your answers is 22 march till 8PM.

after that entries are not considered for the quiz
i hope that members will like this quiz.
waiting for your responses.


  1. all the best to all the takers.. :)

  2. nice one Chirag !! lets see who nails it :D

  3. aww! I wish if i were any good in it :(


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