March 21, 2009

Why does a ..........?

Ste: Why does a Goat bleats?
Sandeep: You should be asking that goat.

Ste: Why does a Cat meows?
Sandeep: You should be asking that cat.

Ste: Why does a frog croaks?
Sandeep: You should be asking that frog.

Ste: Why does a Lion roars?
Sandeep: Silly!! You should be asking that Lion naa.

Ste:You don't know anything yar
Sandeep: As you say bro...

Ste: Why do you always score less marks in exams?
Sandeep: You should be asking that girl.

Ste:Which girl??
Sandeep: The one who shows me her answer paper during exams.


  1. ha ha ha...good one ste...

    try removing the lines coz it disrupts the flow and puts sudden brakes bro:

    Ste:Achha tell me this one ,now
    Sandeep: Ask me.

    Isn't it fun ste? am addicted big time...he he he! yesterday was getting a micro humour attack of sorts...had to stay awake n cudnt find anything better to pass my time but conjure up these short darlings..he he..

  2. ha ha ha .. blame the girl !!! not fair Sandeep :P

  3. Gosh..this micro humour isn't micro anymre..
    Kudos..Brilliant..Blame the gurl..

  4. Yeh Richa jaisi hai na :P Hehehe! Funny one ;)

  5. wow! ste.. you are churning out little laughter packets.. :)

  6. lolzzzzzzz.. this one was hilarious ste...!!

  7. Hahaha ... Good One ;)
    Moral of the story: Do not copy!!


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