March 21, 2009

Legend of Saif-ul-Muluk lake.

So, here is my first official fictional love story :P
where exactly is the love in the story is what you're to find out,
i could have posted the whole story here, but it is very long (oh i can see you making faces, I understand it may be boring, but I would love if you'll give it a try!) so thought of posting the link here only:

and everyone's allowed to find a mistake or two in it :)
help me improve.

wishes, Asbah.

ps. it is not a cheap way to publicize a blog, but then, maybe it is :P
the parking is free ;)


  1. Lol.... Ofcourse, the parking is free, I think so, I don't know of the admins though....hehe,

    But where do you want us to comment ( mark your mistakes) , here or there?

    ** SMILES ****

  2. #I already commented at ur blog. :P

    I luvd da way you described everything in so much detail. The avid use of adjectives and the framing of long sentences was just so perfect. It gave an intense emtotional feel to the story.
    The representation of the beauty of nature at Naran, the description of Raimeen, beautiful......!
    Nw lemme tak a guess! Raimeen.....shades of u in her if m nt wrong......da way she dreams about fantasies...abt love...abt going to places and fantasizing about dat.....about paitning and sketching her heart out about things she luvd....about dressing up in a beautiful way.....dats just so u......isn't it?
    I might be wrong, bt dats wat I felt!
    Nd its nt a v.long story, i m game to read more frm u, nytime! was sheer pleasure dis one!

  3. read, loved, re read, loved, commented and read again !!

  4. Havnet read the post yet..surely will and comment too..

    Btw..PS was gr8..:D


  5. anywhere Ilashree!

    mav, yeah there is always a writer hidden in her/his story!

    prats :D

    charz, i'll wait :P

  6. reading.. halfway through.. :) i am loving it..

  7. asbs .. make sure the link u posted has its hyperlink active da... okays... :)

  8. its active here na king?? i suppose :)

  9. nah da, u mentioned de link here, but when point de cursor at it or hover above, it should immediately change na, :D

    okays, anyway good attempt alread, nice narration and fusing of history and present situations and romance :D


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