March 1, 2009


I am like a drop, drowning in a whirlpool,
but i can do nothing about it.
I cant stop the flow of water,
still i worry and worry about it.

I wish i were like a drop, drowning in a whirlpool,
and do nothing about it,
just watch myself go with the flow,
Still be happy and loose it all,
I wish i could just give it all.


  1. Sometimes I wish I had more control,
    Sometimes I wish I had no control,
    And I had to make no decisions.

    Sometimes I wish I could love,
    Sometimes I wish I could be loved
    And maybe both be the same person.

    Sometimes I wish this
    Sometimes I wish that
    But most of the time, I realise this is just it!

  2. Whirlpool inspiring sometimes...

    Wish i were too....:)

    The underlying message i suppose is humbleness, being content and living simple in life, i guess.

    And rashi,sometimes we feel just like that but sooner or later realise, thats just about it,life has to go on.

  3. loved the contrasting meanings of words.... nice one!!!

  4. Hey Andy, beautiful expression and lovely flow of words.. :) good to see a poem from you after so long.. try posting more often.. me loves your poetry...

  5. hnnmm nicee... :)

    and R V loved ur comment as well.. :)

  6. Hey thank you guys............. :)
    Will be back with a few more!


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