March 1, 2009


* keep you busy in thinking about the past good days.
~you refuse to do so, keeping the task to be achieved in
your mind.
*compel you to think about your"after paper plans"
~ you reject the coming thought on "paper first" basis.
*bring to your mind the pleasure of sleep and peacefulness
of night that would make you to dream good.
~ you revoke the attempt in order to keep pace with your
(several times updated) schedule.
*calmly, setting your mind on you have succeeded in getting
the damned devil out of your" busy in studies " mind, the
bloody devil , caressingly, makes you to follow " apperently"
your own idea of writing your thought on a page of diary.
~now what!! after all it lives in me since my birth, how the hell can't he know my weaknesses.
**you clever have won again and i " the poor victim" am a loser as always!!!


  1. thats what happens to almost all those who are addicted to writing and thinking !!

  2. the devil in you ..hehehe...keeps you writing and thinking in your mind as well... like you say...

  3. ha ha... happens all time with me...thoughts keep bubbling to me wenever i need to work...

  4. could relate to it.. thanks uz..

  5. aww but thats how life is .. isnt it??


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