March 18, 2009

The tide and her

Then the tide came in. With waves as big as her itself. She sailed on courageously. But she was no match for Tsunami that the tide brought in. She broke into a million different pieces. Pieces of her were scattered in lands far and wide. Some parts of her, the tide carried away with him.

Last I saw her, she was picking up the pieces to join herself back. "I won't be the same," she said to me, "I'll be new. Maybe better? Definitely something stronger!" She said with a smile oh-so-divine. She maybe safe in the harbour but her love lies in the tide, the same tide that destroyed her once. Sail away to your love, to your true calling. 


  1. and i am sitting here awestruck..
    a thought like this can steal a lot of slumber :)

  2. Yeah... I was talking to my sister and this came into my mind. I went to bed but it stuck.. Now that it is out, maybe I can sleep peacefully!

  3. i will second Pink!

    and it will prove a havoc for a very-sleep-deprived me!

  4. Oh! ... a nice thought ... little Rashi ... that was a mature thought!
    you are no kid
    you know what, I hope she grows to a stronger one now
    now that she knows where she can get the blow from
    she should go the same way, maybe - but since she will be stronger, she will not just blow up like olden days
    but she should remember the tide that destroyed her!
    Wish her a great time and a greater life

  5. Hmm... the best place for a person seems to be the place that challenges him the most??

    Is that what you are saying here?

  6. To know that even afta the tide destroyed her, she still know dat her love lies in it is a testimony in itself to the fact that she's strong!
    Strong she was, Strong she'll always be!
    Nd she will find her calling! dats 4 sure! Wishing her luck wid dat!

  7. In one word... awestruck!

    It made me tell myself, "Yes... I'll be stronger... better... and I shall dare to love... again.."

    Dunno if this was your messg, but then that's the impact it had! :)

    Thanx for this... really mean it!

  8. so very nice !! sad that i am reading it now !! missed WL last night coz i was tired to read anything ... very strong and philosophical write !! kudos for such mature thoughts..

  9. Your piece here means something more to me than just a read at the WL. It has a deep connection with something I encountered. And I have to admit, it could not have been expressed more beautifully from a second person perspective! Kudos...!

  10. wow philosphical one..have to confess i got to understand this better after reading the comments :P

  11. wow....i like the symbolism here

    keep it up rash

  12. wow... one word... awesome!!!... these words have had a big impact on me for sure...thanks for writing this one rashi.. !!! 'sail away to ur love.. to ur true calling'... wow... loved it!!

  13. wat a thought Rashi...!!
    mind boggling..!!



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