March 13, 2009

Sometimes I wish....

I WISH  (A poem by Laura de Medici, 13 years old) 

I wish I could hate you 
Bin Laden you brute! 
I’d throw you out of an airplane 
With no parachute! 
I wish I could hate you 
And shout as you fall 
But I WON’T, because HATE 
Is what started this all.

A friend of mine sent me this and I kinda expanded the idea to this :

Sometimes I wish I could,
just pick a gun and shoot.
If I could, I really would
Kill each and everyone who
Tried to hurt me or my country.

Sometimes I wish I could
Just pick my pen and write
For I just want to fight,
Against all that destroy
Hopes of me or my country.

Sometimes I wish I could
Destroy all in my path
See no good no evil.
But left there would be no
difference in you and me! 


  1. I LOVED the 13 year old girl's poetry! I am so overwhelmed, forgive me, but I am not able to do proper justice to your poem Rashi, after I read that :) SO I am going to comment on your part of the poetry later :)

  2. sometimes specifics do wonders.
    the first para starts well. but in the second para u write about fighting with a pen. That could mean writing books, songs etc etc for our country. its all a good idea but the two are not too much related in my opinion. I think if you could take either the gun or the pen and give more details as you go about it , it would be more impressive. Just my opinion :) cheers

  3. wow the 13yr olds poetry was just lovely..

    loved ur take on it as well.. :)

  4. Haha I know that the 13 yr old is much much better! :P

    By the pen and the gun, I meant to say that by any means... I was hoping that was clear! :(

  5. The second poem is more thoughtful :) It seems more thought upon. On the contrary the first one seems more like composed at the spur of the moment and straight from the heart. Nice poem Rashi :) Loved the end especially...

  6. small minds do wield more magic with than innocent words than we older ones can! Wonderful poem by the 13 yr old!
    Ur poem's good! Message is brilliant!

  7. nice poem by de 13yr old, very thought full.

    And rash, yours was equally good, more mature and revolutionary, i have wished de same many a times , gun or destruction not may be a wise choice,but do we have any other go at times ;)

  8. Thats a nice poem Rashi ... and the one that inspired you was really great!!!

    I read it before you posted and I liked it that time ... and I'm happy to see the modification here ... well done ... well directed ... well expressed!!

    Kudos :)

  9. My god Rash, such creativity at such a young age :) ?

  10. Is the point to appreciate the poetry or the sentiment in it??

    Agree with Kings.. at times we have to dig in the trenches and fight.. give tit for tat..

  11. @ rashi... loved Laura's poetry... such deep thoughts at such a tender age... that's indeed commendable!!

    loved yours too... really strong thoughts... and i simply loved the last verse... "left there would be no difference in you and me"... wow... such a lovely line!!!...

  12. I liked both of them....
    especially the last lines of your poem...

  13. dunno how i missed it... it was nicely penned.. though not the best u can do !! last line touched me ..

  14. yeah, if you'd do so, what difference will remain?


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