March 30, 2009

A sweet dedication - from Mona

A writer of writers,
His stories make your heart melt,
A master of emotions,
Expressed as well as they are felt!

He makes you laugh and cry,
With his words simple and sweet,
Each post of his is,
In itself a lovely treat!

His sense of humor,
Is wonderful and unique,
He'll make you laugh till,
Tears start to leak!

I dedicate this testimonial,
To the one and only one,
Superstar of the blogger's word,
Mr. Sandeep Balan!!!!!

Your lil poet.


  1. wow! mona... so true.. so heartfelt!! kudos..

    happy birthday sandeep :)

  2. Super star of the bloggers World...:D
    Rightly Said..


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