March 30, 2009

Beyond Lounge.....Ste ... updated..

Few weeks ago I read Asbah's post which was having the same title . Now this is my turn to write about my experience interacting with my fellow loungers. Well, firstly I would like to talk about my very own Miss Intelligent .She is none other than Asbah Alaena.

I knew Asbah long before we started this Lounge.We met around a year back through some blogger community in Orkut. It was a rainy day and Airtel Server in Mumbai got crashed giving us an opportunity to enjoy free calls for a day.It was around 10 am in morning.My friend informed this Airtel thing as I was completely devoid of everything happening around me.Fortunately it was a Saturday.I asked Asbah Madam if I could call her and I told everything about Airtel Server crash.She could not believe this and without any 2nd thoughts she gave me her number.I called her and imagined we spoke for 10 minutes. From that call I deducted the following.
1.This girl is really very talkative..atleast I felt so.
2.She is sweet.
3.Its strange but I some how felt that she was intelligent.
4.She is not naughty ,but clever she is. :P
5.She is innovative because of the various ideas that she was giving me about Lounge site .

After discussing with Sandeep ,we came to a conclusion that Asbah would be called "Islex" from hence on. Thats a sweet nick for her ,isn't it? It stands for Islamabad Express.

Sandeep Balan.
From day 1 ,itself I knew that this guy is unique and has got a bulk of talents (after seeing Mussadi man videos).He was introduced to me by Asbah.This guy always used to remain online through gtalk. After few days Idea realized that its employees are making much use of its services without doing any work.This is when they decided to revoke internet services at his office and of sudden this guy disappeared .Recently I met him on Neha's bday party.He is no different of what I know him online.He is a genious and hats off to his creativity and talents.We often talk to each other.

This is one something really strange.The other night I asked for her number and few days later I called her.I was amazed when I heard her voice for first time.It sounded so good.She called me" Steeeeephheeeennnnnnn" almost extending the end part "hen" .In response I called her "Priyannnnnkaaaaaaa" .It was indeed funny.She was my good friend and my sister to be precise.Few days ago she called me in context to that Sandeep Malu post deletion thing. It was funny though .She send me a long sms and I was really angry on her that day."Kario" of her is really superb ...typical Delhi lingo.

Ahh,I spoke to this poet on Christmas day.She was having her exams the very next day and I called her to wish her luck for her papers.She is indeed a sweet perso.I actually met her few days back on Neha's birthday party. A friendly person and we loved playing prank of Sandeep Balan Sir.

I was busy sleeping on a Sunday Afternoon and I got a call on my cellphone.She asked me to guess her .I could not guess her voice. I realized that it could be Parul ,one of my best friend. Later on she told me that it was Neha.She is a sweet person too and we Lounge people from Mumbai rocks.We 4 actually had a blast on her birthday party where we spoke to Priyanka and Asbah as well.It was fun that day.

Yeah ,we talk quite often as we share same Engineering course.He calls me mostly to know about syllabus,text book authors and to know if students in my class are attending lectures or not.

It was on the contest result declaration day when we spoke.She and Leo were waiting for the RDL contest results.I could not declare the results as per the promised date (Thanks to my internet).They all were getting impatient as I had already made them wait for a long period of time.It was nice talking to her.

He is someone different than what I knew of him here.He speaks very slow. He hardly speaks Hindi.I just tried to play a prank on him few days ago by giving him a voicemail number.But soon later he realized that it was a prank.It was nice talking to a intelligent person like.:p

Spoke to him regarding the contest and Lounge thing.Actually I was stranded in a shopping mall and was in a hurry to go home .So I could't talk to him much.

Finally I got to write about Minnie Mouse.She really sounds like a Minnie Mouse.I was in a train when I called her ,so could'nt hear much.Most of our convo was in Tamil.

This is a long story.I actually woke her up on a Sunday Morning.I tried to conceal my identity and called her as Mr.Smith ,a Google India employee.Mr.Smith was about to present her the outstanding blogger award.But later on I revealed my identity.

The latest lounge girl.I spoke to her on Sunday afternoon.She is an interesting character and mind me she is not a kid.:P . Her voice was a familiar voice to me.She was watching Delhi 6 when I called her.I adviced her not to see chindi flop movies. It was nice convo.

I spoke to John Anna recently......while I was in a bus.....a typical south Indian he is........sounds like one.....very friendly types..

Chirag bandhe ka voice bahut hi matured types hai....sounds like a middle aged man.....nice person he is....

Another friend of mine..I called him yesterday to inform about our meet on tuesday,,,,hopefully i feel i should be there.....but thanks to my project work....grrrr

Well this call was accidental....spoke to her few hours a conference call with Sandeep ....listened to whatever she spoke and Bhai did the speaking job and I did the listening job...and hey trust me conference call is really fun yaar

And hey....I don't work for Airtel .....and no free calls okiee: P

We could possibly have a Writers Lounge Members meet this year.What do you guys say? Many members have met each other .So we could decide on a particular day and meet .What say?



  1. :D :D u cud have not told that delhi 6 part..i regret it badly..i wish i wud have listened to u.

    but ya ste...thanks 4 d post..cud imagine evry 1..hope to meet ya guys soon

    ma city : chennai

  2. nice to hear abt everyone ste... gr8 to see ppl meeting up and taking it out beyond the cyberworld...nice way to mix up reach out and lounge as ever ;)

    namma singara chennai... our beautifull chennai :D

  3. aawww !!!!!

    How i love you for writing this :)
    hehe, and you thought i am intelligent too wow :D my day is saved :P Thanks to Ste!

    and wow my name at the top :D
    how i love this place :D :D

    ps. Thankyou :)

    PPs. I get to know a lot of others too :)

    Pakistan city: Islamabad.

  4. remember we had this discussion sometime back too ;).. i'm come to mumbai now and then, maybe i can meet you ppl out there too :)

    WL meet is a good idea,looking fwd to meet up de extended family :)

  5. Aha..dedications..!!



    Yeah i am in..lets do it..!!

    Rashi: Tora tora :P


  6. :) its lovely to know about the great founders of WL and other family members.
    great mind create great ideas and so is the idea of meet up. it would help WL members knowing eachother beyond here's me:
    Islamabad, Pakistan

    stay blessed!

  7. wowww steeee...lovely indeed!!
    so sweet!! :)

    well...asbah ke post pe i mentioned my views dat day....
    dats here:

    after addition...i talked to my fan!! hehe...arjun d great!!
    he called 2-3 days back...stopped me in b/w when i ws talkin in hindi coz he cudnt get dat.. :P ...nice fan...he told me how he religiously bunks classes talkin inspiraton from me..hehe...

  8. wow.. beyond lounge is such a fun idea... really.. still waiting to know many more of the family... hope we all meet soon...!!

    my city: mumbai

  9. really nice to see intro about some member
    its really cool and nice to talk to the members of lounge on phone
    yet i still not talk to anyone
    hopin to talk anyone of them in near future

    and iam ready for the meet

    chirag joshi

  10. I wish I could enumerate all the chats I have had with all of you guys... Wow! It would a trip down nostalgia.. I have connected with soooo many people on a personal level.. Not only as writers or poets but as people... :D Love you to each and everyone here!

  11. Am in!
    Gaurav aka Maverick - Mumbai \m/

  12. Stesilstuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu :D :D :D

    Lovely post ;)
    Alas there z no one frm Coimbatore *sighs* :(

  13. Kings :dats beynd lounge yar.We wil knw each othr 4 sure

  14. Kings :dats beynd lounge yar.We wil knw each othr 4 sure

  15. Kings :dats beynd lounge yar.We wil knw each othr 4 sure

  16. this list was already compiled once na... :P don't tell me you lost it!

    Akansha- Nagpur

  17. @Ste

    I have to copy-paste to show it to ma lecturers back in college... intelligent??? :P
    n yeah... I felt like talking to a school boy when i was talking with u... a good way though..!

    n i agree i'm a bit different outside... I'm very bad at cracking jokes..!! believe that..!! ;)


    arjun the great..!! ?? I bow down to ur fan-ship.. hehe :P

    Come on.. now, u both dont make my bad hindi, the talk of the town.. okay.?? ;)

    Priyanka has a sweet voice... i tht i was over powering her voice.. then reduced my tone n all... hehe

    everytime i bunk.. i'm like 'priyanka ki jai'...n carry on... so I called her up to convey that..(afterall i'm her fan..! :P)and ended up talking one way hardly listening to her... very bad i know... :P
    hope she dint feel i was out of my mind...

    anyway.. would like to meet more ppl.. :)


  18. Yaay!!!

    Lets meet up!!!

    But not in April and May, I'd be in Hyderabad for 2 months completing my summer internship! SO either before or after plzzzzz....

    My City: Mumbai (Ste, how could u forget??)

    :P @ Ste

  19. @ my meeting with Prats...

    The ice-cream corner was just a short walk from my place.... I was in deep sleep when i got up all of sudden to realise that it was just 5 mins for 6pm n i had to meet her... I walked so slow that maybe even cockraoches raced me.... I'll tell u the reason later.. :P

    We met up with wide grins, bought ice creams and talked and talked. You know, that was great. Unbelievable. Just as everyone, i read her poems, genuinely loved them to the core, became a total fan of her, n all of a sudden there she was in front of me. We were talking like we've been friends from a long time. It felt weirdly wonderful.

    ANd then we started our walk back. I was about to say- "I'll walk you to your place" by the time she asked me to do so. I felt like.. like.. guess..hehe. We started the -' walk the talk'... it was fun... I walked her half the way, when she said it was fine and she would walk the remaining distance... n i shamelesslesly said okay... we bid good-bye n began the walk back home.... We had finally met.. :P

    OKay now to the walking mystery- I had a deep cut on my thigh for which i was bandaged....a small accident .. the bandage was getting loose n was dropping down with every step i took and the cut started to itch and pain.. hehe...
    If u wanna picture my walking style- picture sachin tendulkar's action before every ball he faces... hehe

    So basically- 'Prats.This is the secret if u had noticed my weird walking style by any chance that day'... ;).. :P

    It was lovely, lovely meeting her.... n we r gonna meet again soon... right prats?
    n also thank u so much for the poetry u wrote abt our meeting- such a nice gesture.. I too tried to write one but through my writings, I can only convey our meeting scenario but not the emotions. ... hence this long comment.. :)


  20. @Ste .. now i know from where i can get the numbers in case i wanna bug ppl

    @All the WL members i chat with : its so much like talking to your family .. u can b upset, happy, angery(like i was yday) and depend on these sweet kind ppl to cheer u up !! love ya all !! muuaaaaahs :)

    @Arjun... i did notice ur slow walk.. but thot thats ur style.. sorry for that.. u cud have cancelled or postponed the meet dear.. neway .. can u plz post it as a seperate post.. !!

  21. its very difficult....but yes we can try out....
    it wuld be gr8 to meet others....
    try out...

  22. About my call with Ste :

    1. u did not wake me ... i was just trying to sleep !!

    2. Though i did not know it was you, i knew some one was playing a prank.

    3.It was so much fun talking to you !! nice surprise in the morning ..

    you made my day !!

  23. And to know if students in my class are attending lectures or not.

    Why on earth would I want to know that :D ?? ...

    Nice dude ...A wl meet ......why not ?? where ?? when ??

  24. lounge is definitely going beyond lounge! :D

  25. @fannnn

    lol...'priyanka ki jai' hahaha :D
    m honoured to get such a dedicated n sincere fan like u...u beat all my fans yaar....baki to chindi hai tere saamne...hehe...

    i told u na about anothr frnd of mine who told me d other day..."i look up to u priyanka...seriously" den u beat him too...he is yet to become total bindaas! :D

    yeyyy...cheers fan! :P

  26. chirag

    no worries ........aap bhi baat karoge yahaa ki logo se

  27. neha

    arey by default ur a mumbai lounge girl yaaaa

    hw cud one forget that haan

  28. arjun

    dont say i sound like a school kid

    shud i take it as a compliment ??

  29. prats

    i thot i woke u up

    hehe it was nice talkin to u too

  30. This topic was up before too isn't it :P Would love to meet you people :) So I can make it for the meet in Mumbai and New Delhi both!

  31. that was really nice one..

    well hehe me chennai,hyderabad,tvm hehe n now dundee. yaaay.. lol.. n wht else am i supposed to say??

  32. Hey All,

    I'm so sorry...i've been actually very busy and that is the only reason for not visitin d lounge.

    My city...the capital...DELHI!



  33. thank you for writing so much about the call ...grrrrrrrrrrrr

  34. to tune call isiliye kara tha likhetu...ha yaar voice ka to mere kai dost bolate hai...but accha hai jab appeal karta hu to kai ar umpire not out ko bhi out de deta hai...

    nice talking to u vaise kafi short talk thi
    umeed karta hu jald hi bat hogi


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