March 8, 2009

Straight-away talk

Strikes, scribbles and crosshatches,
Hardly did he pen down a love letter.
With a puckered brow, flipped into the trash.
After he read over and felt it didn’t sound better.

Why does he do that?
Why can’t he directly pour out his heart?
Why can’t he reveal his blossoming love to her?

Is he a bit stoical?
Or is his ego impeding him?

Well whatever the problem is...
It is not a solution,
to keep one’s love surreptitious.

If he does love her truly,
Then nothing can come against his love.

I believe in straight-away talk

And the same he is doing…

Tomorrow at the Eiffel tower
With a bouquet of roses.
So let’s all wish him good luck.
P.S: This one is special to me as my little sister, 14, wrote this poem. It’s good to see her getting inclined towards creative writing. I was proud to see a budding writer in her.


  1. Hey thts good writing and matured views too , nice scribbling ahead :)

  2. A piece of Mature writing from a 14 year old..

    And I wish her good Luck..
    Happy Writing...

  3. kings: matured views yes. she'll be encouraged with such a lovely comment.

  4. well considering she is your sis, no wonder she is capable of such brilliant write !!

  5. 14 :O she is so damn good!! I am proud of her too.. give her a big hug from my side. she is a rocking writer of tomorrow... get her a blog too :) there are so many young teens in the blogsville these days :)

  6. Cant imagine a 14 yr old usin words like stoical. :-o .Convey my regards to her.Ask her to join WL nd break the youngest member record.Nice poem.She has a long way to go....

  7. whoaa for a 14yr old she sure has got really lovely n bold thoughts.. n yes very creative must say.. loved it.. :)

  8. Akhila iam amazed at the style of ur poetry. i had always been a fan of aparna,but it seems to me now that u sis's r having poetry in ur veins.great work dear.join the lounge after ur exams.

  9. awesome thoughts scribbled through lovley words!
    yes she must join WL and let us get salient thoughts,her mind is creating .
    come on girl ! we are waiting for more!


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