March 8, 2009

Poetry Speaks!!!

Like cadence of heart
Followed by the stimulation
For verse of life
Fortitude of adore
It speaks
It tells
It lets you know
The credence it abide
The feelings it capture
Poetry speaks
With words of heart and soul!


  1. the cadence of your language has done full justice to the definition of poetry

    well done

  2. Poetry speaks
    With words of heart and soul! > you said it...super!!!

  3. Poetry Speaks with words of heart and soul...

    Well said..I agree..Poetry speaks alot..smtyms even dat wich u dont wana say otherwyz..

  4. lovely verse !! and for the last lines, vice versa is true too :)

  5. so true! 'words of heart and soul' . I dont know what would I've done if there was no poetry to let it out - the words of my heart and soul :)

  6. Uz,yes poetry speaks wit heart nd soul.I shud say dat u ve realy made gud use of words. Am amazed aftr reading it nd all the comments here r enuff.Superb uz.Loved it

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  8. @king!
    poetry depicts the depths of your heart and influuence of your soul..
    thanks for liking!

  9. it almost eerytimes helps you saying your thoughts .its love ! its peace!
    bless you charzz.

    thanks pretty..:)

    that is why it's created pink!to let us despense our feuds.
    your admiration worth a hug!

  10. @ illusion!
    *hugs* girl!!
    inspiration works!!

    @aparna .. thanks pal! this is what "us" speaks ! the WL family.

  11. @ Ste
    thanks for giving it an appraisal. even the editing is welcomed.

    and thank you ani for liking it!

    stay blessed!

  12. yup! as i say, Poetry speaks :)


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